Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My new "toys"

I bought these at a 'concept store' in 1U. On the right is a toothpick dispenser.

You push the button down and a toothpick pops up - not always though, you need to do it one or two more times if nothing comes out.

I thought these were really cute. Look on the right - a bento box, tamagoyaki in a skillet, a flask of hot drink and a sashimi to tuck in to.

On the left - the bento box is open and has a fork on top like a real bento. In the first layer is rice with an umeboshi plum and some other food stuff in the lower box.

This one is really cute. It's like a real sashimi spread. They have gari (pickled ginger), nigirizushi, gunkanmaki, hosomaki, a pot of wasabi, pretty plates, chopsticks, a saucer of shoyu and some tea in Japanese tea cups.

Initially mum thought that I was buying these for DN3 but when she found out that it was for ME, she lectured me about being childish playing with kids stuff.

Well mum, sometimes we need to humor ourselves. These are the little trills of life when we can go back to playing with 'toys' and I had great fun assembling these 'toys' together.


Dr ve Thru said...

You really love your Japanese food. I enjoy going through your recipes.

The only thing I make is californian rolls but when my niece came to stay with me, she made Japanese pancakes, some fried pork fillet to eat on rice, etc. I don't remember all the Japanese names. Hahaha.

I like your toothpick dispenser. I bet they are not cheap.

Bento Pet said...

You are right, I love my Japanese food! I have two loyal fans in the house to keep me going.

The Japanese pancakes are probably Dorayaki. You sandwich some red bean paste in between and it's simply delicious. The pork fillet on rice is called Tonkatsu. Most Japanese restaurants don't serve the pork version so I cook my own at home. One of our favorites too!

Sushi is really the easiest of Japanese cooking. I always prepare extra ingredients and freeze in smaller containers so that they are always available. The only stuff I need to prepare then is the Tamagoyaki, Kyuri and fresh salad if I'm making Temaki.

Surprise! Surprise! The toothpick dispenser was a little over RM10/=. Got it for a song! Yeah!

meatball online said...

your new toys are so cute. I have a bento box like yours, but it's in green colour and without the fork. will show u next time!

WokkingMum said...

These are sooo cute! I like them too! ;)

Bento Pet said...

meatball: I enjoy admiring all bento boxes! Waiting to see yours!

wokkingmum: They have loads of different cuisine - Italian, cakes, breads, noodles etc, etc.

Only problem is each box has 10 types of different 'foods'. The box doesn't state the type of 'food' that's inside and you could be buying the same type even if you buy it another time or another place. It's like a 'risk' you take if you want to buy another box. Sigh! I really wanted the Gyoza one but didn't get.


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