Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bento #17

Today, Daughter #1 stay back at school up to 3.00p.m. I need to pack some substantial food for her to last half the day.

Clockwise: In the yellow paper 'Glad' bag is a croissant, in the pink box is rice crispies in two colors. The box in front contains a hard boiled egg and some salad and strawberries. A small tub of Thousand Island and Salad cream and a box of last night's 'claypot chicken rice' and fried chicken.

Today is Daughter #2 second day of PMR trials. I was Isetan, KLCC yesterday and I saw more Daifukumochi and it looked much nicer. I bought another two boxes.

Daughter #2 told me that yesterday's bento was 'very nice' when I went to fetch her from school. "Could I have the chicken again?".

Okay, make my life easy and have repeat orders. Makes me happy too because I don't have to think of another item for the bento.

Sometimes when I'm planning their bento I am at wits end what to prepare for them. I want them to enjoy their bento but I don't want to give them too much processed food. At the same time, I don't want to end up slogging in the morning to get their food ready. I marinate the chicken ahead of time and freeze so that's easy!

This morning Daughter #2 was up before me and already revising her books. When she saw her 'shaped egg' she was trilled! I gave her the bear face one and the simpler one for her elder sister.

Her whole bento is packed with most of her 'happy food' so I hope she doesn't get so stressed up with the exams.


G @ said...

aiyooo egg also can be so beautiful and cute. Amazing! thanks 4 explaining that bento doesnt necessarily mean jap food :) i'll be back here often 2 marvel at ur bento skill & understand more abt it

jane said...

WAHHHHH.... ur such a passionate mommy and cook!!! i wanna be your kid!!! i'm away from home.. how i wish someone'd prepare me lunch box/bento for my lunch break :(

Rita Ho said...

You remind me so much of my sister in KL, perfect examples of a dedicated mom.

I don't have any kids but am now wondering if my husband will like bento boxes for his lunch instead of packed sandwiches! LOL.

Btw, I had spider rolls a few days ago and thought of you. :)

Bento Pet said...

mommiebee: Actually they have egg molds but I've not been able to get them so I improvised and used an Onigiri mold (rice mold).

My daughter was so trilled by it that she said that the bear shaped egg tasted better. Haha! "The power of imagination!".

Bento Pet said...

Jane: Actually it's quite simple once you get your stock available. Even you can do it! All it takes is to sit down and do some planning and shopping too of course.

Normally, on Sundays or public holidays I try to prepare the food stuff either by marinating, or cooking for freezing.

Btw, I don't mind another kid! Making two or three bentos really doesn't make much difference! Hehe!

Bento Pet said...

rita: Thank you for your kind comments! Appreciate it!

I stopped working 15 years ago to care for my kids and I see that as my 'vocation'. I thank God for this privilege and I like to think that we try to do our best in what ever situation we are in.

You know, there are bento boxes for men. They are larger and more 'macho' looking. Do you have a Daiso near you? It's a Japanese Dollar store where you can get all your bento supplies from. We don't have Daiso here in Malaysia which is a pity because they stock the most bento stuff.

Try not to buy stuff from e-bay, they are a rip off!

You could always pack cheese sandwiches in a bento with some fruits on the side or something that your husband likes. It'll make his lunch more interesting!

Mmmm... spider rolls! I have been looking for soft shell crabs but haven't seen any so far. Yeah! I see the relation - spider rolls and me - HaHaHa!!! Thank you for thinking of me! That's so sweet!

I like to think that we have an affinity since we are both fans of Bing Crosby and Jim Reeves and that we grew up under the influence of our fathers and their love for music!

ling239 said...

din know hard boiled eggs can be shaped !!
how is it done pls ?
and where to get the mold? tks~

Bento Pet said...

ling: Like I mentioned, there are egg molds to shape the eggs. You can find them on e-bay.

I improvised by using Onigiri molds. You can buy the triangle shape ones in any Jusco outlet.

The bear one, I got from Parkson @ 1U - in the household section.

Rita Ho said...

Thank you for your suggestions! I mentioned them to my husband and he went, "I know exactly where to get the stuff!" Uwajimaya, a popular Japanese store we frequent but I seldom browse the kitchenware section. Apparently, he does!

I like your attitude towards life. Am the same, appreciate and make the most of what comes our way. :)

Yes, it seems like we have an affinity except perhaps regarding e-Baying. I did hear some horror stories about e-Baying in Malaysia & Singapore. My husband and I have completed over 100 e-Bay transactions, mostly with Americans and Brits. We have yet to be disappointed. Touch wood! Haha!

Bento Pet said...

rita: Oops! I don't have anything against buying on e-Bay except for bento stuff. They are way overpriced! For us, coupled with postage out of the US - almost un-affordable!

My friend buys musical instruments and related stuff from e-Bay all the time and like you, she's never been disappointed.

I've read about Uwajimaya in some blogs, yeah you can get bento stuff there. Happy shopping.


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