Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bento #18

Daughter #2 is a food connoisseur. She enjoys eating. Her dream is to operate a music school and a cafe side by side. That's a tall order because she wants to both teach music and cook! I just allow her to rattle on as she shares her hopes and aspirations with me. Who knows what is in store for the future?

She's been eying the packet of potato tortilla and couldn't resist asking for a tuna roll for this morning. It's very easy to make, just butter the tortilla and spread cream cheese or just lay two slices of cheddar cheese on the buttered tortilla. Top it with some salad/vegetables (whatever you have in the fridge), carrots, cucumber and tuna. Finish with mayonnaise and tomato sauce. If you want to make it a gourmet roll, just fry and omelet and add on the base. This is an all time favorite with my kids. Even my 8 year old picky eater loves this!

Today's bento, I added some freshly steamed corn mixed with a blob of butter. To fill the gaps, I added some brownies and marshmallows.


G @ said...

*drool drool* i envy ur kids! thanks for sharing the recipe :) unfortunately my hubby doesnt like to hv home made lunch (coz it gets cold easily here esp winter and to queue using the microwave at his work place takes a long time)- doesnt like fruits either; otherwise i would start practising bento. It's such an art form :)

Bento Pet said...

My husband doesn't like packed food either. Here in Malaysia, cheap and good food is available everywhere and lately restaurants are popping up like mushrooms overnight.

My kids don't like the school canteen food. I agreed to pack 3 days a week initially but I enjoyed it so much because they were enjoying the food so I decided to do the other 2 days as well.

I'm off tomorrow, Sat and Sun because of Merdeka and the weekend. See you on Monday. Have a surprise in store!


I know I sound like a broken record, but all your food looks yummy! ;)

leendaluu said...

Great site, with lots of delectable food and lots of inspiration for the coming school year of lunches

PEARLY said...

My kids will love you la your pack lunch so clourfull and and look yummy too

LiL'deviL said...

Hi there, got your link from Mommibee. Wow, your bento, they look absolutely delicious! Your children very lucky to have you as their mum.

Bento Pet said...

chessnoid: thank you, thank you, thank you! Please come back and inspire me with your compliments! I know you are good at monitoring $$$, I only can cook.

leendaluu: I hope the inspiration keeps coming coz my elder girl is quite picky and with limited ingredients it's really difficult to be creative. Thanks for coming by and please come back!

Bento Pet said...

pearly: I love your spontaneity of your blogging!! Thanks for dropping by.

lil'devil: Thanks for coming by, hope you get inspired by bento too. Visit soon as I update regularly on school days. I guess like all mums, we love them beyond ourselves!

Rita Ho said...

Another yummylicious bento creation! Thank you. Is potato tortilla very different from corn ones? We get the latter here, although I admit I have not been looking for any others. I think I'll like it since I love potato bread. ?

Hope you are having a great Merdeka weekend! Can't wait for the surprise. :)

Bento Pet said...

rita: We get the plain and potato ones here so I'm not sure about corn tortillas. I'm sure you can use them!

Sometimes I use Lebanese bread but it has to be used fresh or way before expiry date because it gets tough very fast and it's half the price.

You can get flexible with the ingredients if you want. Sometimes I have sushi ingredients left over and I just load the roll with tamagoyaki, imitation crab sticks, mushrooms or whatever. It's an explosion of flavors!

Like what my daughter would say: "In a bento box, you never know what you're gonna get." (adapted from the famous 'Forrest Grump'!

PEARLY said...

look into each post of your wow you are a such a gud mummy will do such a lovely benton lunch for your 2 angel still go to work too ,
as for me in the morning I only tak poi a ham sandwick and a fruit a snack and a bottle of juice that all there get ..look at your bento wow so lovely I feel so shame of myself la .

you are a super mummy , your daughter are so lucky xxxxxxx


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