Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dinner - Hot Japanese curry

I cooked Japanese curry tonight. During the Japanese fair @ BSC two months ago, I bought two boxes of Japanese curry sauce mix.

The two boxes has been 'staring' at me from my store cabinet and tonight cannot 'tahan' anymore. Must cook!

Just follow the instructions at the back of the box. It is so easy!! No need to 'tumbuk, tumbuk' the onions and all the other ingredients, like what mum does. I can never figure out what she puts into her fantabulous curries.

Eh! But now I also can cook curry. This is pretty good because it's really easy and it's flavour is quite localized. I bought the 'hot' sauce, there are milder ones which I was told is too mild for the Malaysian taste buds.

I took lots of photos and total time of cooking was about 45 mins of simmering. I just follow instructions and turn the timer on and go to my blog to update. If only all the cooking I do is so easy.

Delicious pot of Japanese beef curry.

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