Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holiday Breakfast #2

This morning, I felt like having poached eggs. I made two styles, one Eggs Florentine and the second, Eggs Benedict.

I set out to fry the bacon. Then I started cooking Hollandaise sauce over a Bain marie.

Hollandaise sauce needs delicate handling and takes patience. One thing I have learnt about cooking Japanese food is you really need PATIENCE! The patience I've acquired has helped me in many situations and come in very handy this morning.
Get ready a pot of hot simmering water, add some salt and half a teaspoon of vinegar. The vinegar is believed to 'coagulate' the egg white.

Stir the pot of water (this prevents the egg from sticking to the bottom). Drop fresh egg into the whirlpool of water. Poach for a little while and lift with a slotted spoon or a flat sieve, like the one I used.

Toast two slices of bread, butter it and lay some spinach on one and some bacon on the other.

Place a poached egg each on the ready 'base'. Serve Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Florentine is served with Mornay sauce but I was running late and just served with Hollandaise sauce - quick fix! Hehehe!


jane said...

apa florentine, apa benedict??? *scratch head* whatever it is, it looks reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly GOOD!!! *slurp* alamak, i seem to be drooling over every single blog i visit nowadays!

Bento Pet said...

jane: Look up wikipedia - they have a good, detailed explanation. It's actually very easy to do poach eggs and very delicious.


Sue Sue said...

Bento Pet,
You poached egg looks good. Too bad my hubby and kids like hard boiled so I seldom make this at home.

Bento Pet said...

sue sue: My eldest daughter loves hard boiled eggs too. But she enjoyed the eggs benedict this morning too. One fussy eater down! Hehe!


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