Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tartare sauce

We had grilled Salmon (marinated with salt and roughly ground pepper) last night so I made some tartare sauce. Here's the recipe:

500g home made mayonnaise
1 chopped hard boiled egg
30 g chopped onion
70g chopped gherkins
10g chopped parsley
1tsp chopped capers

2. Mix all the ingredients together. Leave in refrigerator to chill and allow flavour to blend. Use within 3-5 days.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

hi! tq 4 writing me. my MIL is also a great cook, esp Chinese food n like u, i avoided competing with her by baking cakes n cooking western. :) n oh, very nice blog!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

n 3 daughters! God loves u!

Bento Pet said...

Thanks for coming by. Really enjoyed reading your blog! Going to try out some of your recipes soon.

I guess this is God's divine intervention steering me to your blog coz I see stuff that my family would really enjoy eating.

Yeah!! I thank God everyday for my 3 girls, they are fantastic to have around. Hubs is just as fantastic. Praise God!!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

what church do u attend? i go to Skyline SIB in KK--heard of it? yes, my boys frustrate me beyond anything but when i hear stories of young kids suffering n going...heartpain too. i must share an experience. my older boy, when he was 15, used to complain of headaches but i thought it was d weather, or he was lazy, whatever. then he got real bad, took him to doctors, inclu a specialist, but they gve same old med. one night, after he got back frm doc, who found Ming's blood pressure was very high, and there was protein in his urine (yet said to wait a couple of days to go back for further tests!N he's a doc whose clinic is jammed-packed day n night! Guess tt says it all) I prayed, then googled his symptoms n narrowed it to one disease, so 1st thing next mrng, brought him to a nephrologist n sure enough, one kidney was already misshapened, dying! straight to KL Uni Malaya hospital to correct the artery, n, praise the Lord, he's fully healed, incl d kidney!so my advice to all parents , AND doctors, TAKE KID'S BLOOD PRESSURE TOO when they have headaches. U never know.

Bento Pet said...

Thanks for your sharing. The reason I posted up the article about the little girl was also to create an awareness for readers to look out for the early symptoms of Leukemia in children.

I'm really surprised that the doctor didn't take your son's BP! Here, whenever I bring my girls to see the doctor, he'd check the BP. But I'm glad you managed to track the problem and got it resolved.

My FIL lives in Sandakan n he's been seeing his doctor for 3 wks for some pain n the doc just prescribed Panadol each time. Not wanting to take any risks, he took the next flight out here and my husband took him to have a complete check up.

Thank God he's been given a clean bill of health. The pain was from an old accident wound. He was delighted.

Unfortunately for us, in his hurry to come he forgot to bring our supply of 'Sabah chilli'! Lol!

We go to St. Ignatius Church in PJ. The kids grew up here and are very active in the Youth group.


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