Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bento #8

This morning I had to prepare extra food because Daughter number 1 is staying back for Choir practice. She is the new 'Choir Conductor' of her school choir.

The left Bento contains fried rice, in the middle Bento are blanched broccoli and cauliflower laden with Kewpie mayo and Parmesan cheese. The right Bento contains a hard boiled egg from the "Lou Han Kao" drink that mum boiled. Sharing that Bento is my children's favourite potato salad.

In front of the Bento, you see a round container of cottage cheese dip and under it, a pack of Japanese crackers I got from Cold Storage in BSC.
See the bag? It's a 'green' bag I bought at one of those Organic shops in Singapore. The blue bag contains the bottle of "lou han kao" (leong cha).


HK Choo said...

Hi Pat, a very informative blog you have here. I have been reading your blog archives for the past 3 days and still not done yet. Thanks also for the recipes to cook jap food, will try them soon, fingers crossed.

You mentioned "a hard boiled egg from the Loh Han Kao" drink, I'm curious on that part..wouldn't the egg taste sweet? Mind elaborating coz I find it interesting, thanx.

Bento Pet said...

HK Choo: Thanks for dropping by and staying 'that' long! LOL!!

The hard boiled egg in the Loh Han Kao has the 'herb-y' taste. How sweet, it depends on the amount of sugar you put it. We normally don't like ours sweet.

If you've not tried it, please do because if you like hard boiled eggs, this is awesome!


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