Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wine markers

Whenever we entertain at home and serve wine, we tend to forget which glass wine belong to us and then there is a need to use more wine glasses than needed.

It's a nuisance! So I decided to make my own wine markers today. At least I know when I next entertain, I don't have my guests' trying to figure out where they left their wine glass or which one is theirs.

*Happy, happy*


jane said...

waw! So innovative n creative :D it looks like anklets for the glasses! lol!

Stephanie said...

These are so nice! I think I will try and make some too!

Bento Pet said...

Jane: Yeah! Just so we can recognize the wine classes! Actually the Swarovski crystal ones are supposed to have a ring each but because I made them in a theme I strung them all in one ring until I need to use them.

Bento Pet said...

Stephanie: Thank you. You make accessories too? It's a real fun and fulfilling hobby. Drop me a line if you need any assistance, not that I'm a pro but I enjoy my craft!!

Tracy Tan said...

i got wine markers as a gift and was thrilled but i forgot to use them when i finally entertained! but i do wonder...if our guests forget which is their wine you think they'd remember which is their marker?

yours look really good handmade ones! can make jewelery ah?

Sue Sue said...

Wah, Bento Pet good idea wor. Going to show my friend and get him to do 6 pcs for me since he has a stall at The Curve.

Bento Pet said...

Tracy: I'm having a party this weekend and I'm going to observe. I guess if there is something visually distinct other than a plain wine glass, people should remember it.

Yeah! I make all my teenage daughters accessories. They always 'make to order' to match their clothes!

Bento Pet said...

sue sue: Have fun!


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