Sunday, August 19, 2007

Up for swap

Anyone want to swap these food dividers and cocktail sausage molds?

Drop me a line if you are interested.



jane said...

What ARE food dividers and cocktail sausage molds???? 0_o

Stephanie Law said...

Yeah I was just wondering the same thing about the cocktail sausage moulds. I presume that a food divider is just to separate food in lunchboxes like they do with sushi?

Bento Pet said...

Jane & Stephanie:
Stephanie is right about the food dividers being there to separate the different types of dry foods in a bento box. Ususally in a Japanese restaurant they use the 'green grass' divider but there are these fancy ones which I've been collecting and when I cleared my cupboards I found loads of these food dividers.

The cocktail sausage molds are very cute! The one I posted can 'cut' the sausage into the shape of an octopus. The other one is to score the sausage before frying for easy cooking.

I have another two types of molds: a tulip shape and a crab shape.

If you go back to my post on Aug 2nd you can see my first attempt with them. I think they were a little over done then though! Hehe!


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