Monday, September 17, 2007

Bento #27

Monday morning is the best! I have the weekend to think, plan and stock up on groceries. My weekends are very busy because on Sunday's we're at church for more than half the day. Nevertheless, some compromise from family members help make my chores a lot easier.
This morning's bento box consists of Chinese styled noodles in garlic oil, shoyu, thick black sauce and pepper, topped with fishballs. In the other end are banana's with cinnamon sugar.

I was browsing through this site Salad Talk and found this recipe (10/08: Warm Chicken Salad with Mango on Baby Arugula). I improvised a little with the fruits and salad but kept to the dressing recipe (without the nuts because #1 doesn't like nuts). It turned out very delicious. The dressing combination of Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese was excellent! I made a whole big bowl this morning and after filling their bento boxes, we shared the balance for breakfast. Mmmm....the taste is still lingering on the tongue, so nice!

I still have bananas and I'm going to try out a banana cake recipe this morning. Will post an update if successful.

By the way, the Ichigo Daifuku, after one night in the fridge turned out very nice. #2 said that the texture was 'excellent' - her own words!! Then she added, 'No so difficult to make right? Can we make another batch and color them pink?" Sigh...the things we do for our kids...coming right up - Ichigo Daifuku!


Judy said...

Looks scrumptious. I bet your girls ate every single bit in their bento.

So, I suppose no more KLCC for Ichigo Daifuku?? :)

ka..t said...

Hello. Am very impressed with your bento lunches! Such dedication! :)

I too have been racking my brains over what to pack for my girl's lunch. But she is no fan of Jap food. Can you share some Chinese-style bento lunches as well? Thanks!

Bento Pet said...

judy: feedback was the salad was delicious! Yeap! They finished the food as usual.

KLCC? Oh no! The cost of making Daifuku is only a fraction of what I pay! #2 is satisfied with the results and I'm just as glad. Made another batch last night. Hehehe!

Bento Pet said...

ka..t: Chinese-style bento? Aiyoh! I try but Chinese is not my forte.

Try fried spring rolls, they keep well even when cold. You can cut cheese sandwiches or fruits with cute cookie cutters too. I think your little girl will be trilled!

ling239 said...

hahahaaa....... Congratulations for meeting your princess's standard~
your #2 is really very keng !! :p

Bento Pet said...

ling: Yes lah, my #2 IS very keng. She has a mind of her own and is very independent since very young. Can cook, can study, can play piano, can sing, can play keyboard, can do so many, many things well. No need to 'nag' her. Just leave her be.

Sometimes I also 'tapek' (salute) her. She makes great Caesar salad which I also don't make. She'll just take the initiative to cook anything that she likes to eat. In her own words "some people eat to live, I live to eat".

ling239 said...

hahahaaaa.... a very intelligent young lady indeed ~ ^_^


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