Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bento #29

The Bento box on top is filled with Focaccia bread with a tub of cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

The right Bento box contains half a citrus fruit and some skewered kyuri, crabstick and tamagoyaki.


ka..t said...

Another simple and healthy meal! :)

I just read some of your older posts. I am like your friend Deanna, just moved to Abu dhabi in August! Does she have a blog I can visit?

Bento Pet said...

ka..t: Deanna doesn't have a blog yet, though I might introduce her to blogging I think.

I'll e-mail her and see if I can introduce you to her. Okay with you?

Judy said...

Hahaha, I read this post first and my head was spinning so much so instead of commenting here and also in Bento #28, I commented all on Bento #28. :)

Put it down to old age.

ka..t said...

No prob. You can ask her to pay my blog a visit then. :)

Bento Pet said...

ka..t: Ok, will do!


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