Monday, September 24, 2007

Bento #32

On Sunday School days, local parishioners of our Church would organize food sale for various purposes. Some to be donated to charitable organizations or the Church itself, some go to financing the local BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities - similar to Cell Group) activities and outreach, others for other specific purposes.

Yesterday one of the BECs organized a food sale a.k.a. cafeteria. There were tons of food! Sarawak Laksa was delicious, so was the 'kwai lin kao', everyone selling behind the counter was a friend or acquaintance, so what do you think happend? "Ta Pau lah"!
I came home with lots of 'ta pau'. In the left Bento box are fish balls and 'siew mai' with a tub of chilli sauce (I still have 8 packets of 'loh mai kai' in my freezer). In the right Bento box is a piece of home made 'ham chim peng'. The best thing about the Ramadan period is we get really fresh and juicy dates that flood the market. Two cherry tomatoes to 'color' the Bento box! Today's Bento boxes took me 15 minutes to complete! "What a wonderful world..."

1 comment:

mommibee said...

fuiyooo delicious! 8 packs of loh mai kai?? so much hehehe


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