Friday, September 21, 2007

Bento Maniac in a "Hyakuen" shop aka 100 Yen shop

I was at the 100 Yen shop today. As always, I'm like a bull in a China shop only I don't break things, I can't stop buying!

I was trilled by the bento boxes that they had. When I looked at the bottom of the boxes I found that some of them were made in CHINA! I immediately called one of their Managers whom I got to know since my frantic, manic shopping sprees in the 100 Yen shops.

I asked about the lead scare on CHINA produced plastics and he assured me that the bento boxes produced in China under the licensee of their Japanese brand was safe and lead free.

See the blue and pink Clikety Click boxes, I bought two of each because they come in single bentos. You can buy many and stack multiple bentos.

The rectangle pink ones in the back attracted me because they had a movable divider. This allows a lot of flexibility. The white one in the back is quite standard, just wanted to add another color to my collection.

I loved the chopsticks they had on display. I pick up some for hubs and I. The 'fun' chopsticks in their cases are for the girls bentos.

The three cylindrical containers are for tea leaves. They only had three colors, I got them all. Coincidently, I am brewing three different types of tea (by rotation) daily.

The plastic box is to contain some of the Onigiri molds as they are bulky and difficult to contain.

The rest of the non-bento stuff, you don't want to see - too many of them! Hehehehe!!!


Sue Sue said...

I was at 100 Yen, Puchong this afternoon. Were you there? I also get a few of the bento set for one of my friend who are crazy about it after she read my blog. Yes hoh, did u see the mark down prices for the chopstick and fork, only 2.90 leh ! I doubt u sure sapu a lot of it.

jane said...

thanks to u, now I feel like making my own bento! look so delicious, every single bento that u did!!! don't know how to make lahhh, gotta learn from u!

Bento Pet said...

suesue: I went to SS2 lah! Mark downs look very 'cacat', don't like. Those normally cannot sell.

The new chopsticks are very nice. RM4.90 also worth it.

Did you buy the one's I did?

Bento Pet said...

jane: bento look difficult but after a while and with enough utensils it's easy. Just need a lot of planning.

.Tia*Ungil. said...

Nice. I wish we had a "Hyakuen" shop here in Hawaii.

Sue Sue said...

No wor, the markdown price items are the cute fork and chopsticks and it look similar like the one you posted leh. The fork in your picture only RM2.90 la. How much you buy?

Yup, bought the bento same as yours. Get 2 set each cos helping a friend to buy.

Bento Pet said...

suesue: Only the fork was 2.90, all the rest of the chopsticks were 4.90.

Bento Pet said...

.Tia*Ungil. : Wish we had Daiso here. I'd love to buy the egg molds!!

G @ said...

soo cute!! i think i wont be able to stop buying too if i were to walk into such shop!

Bento Pet said...

G @ The biggest problem is that they re-stock almost every week with some new stuff!!

I think I can walk blindfolded down the aisle.

BlurMommy said...

wah, I am definitely going to the 100 Yen shop on my next trip back. Save some stock for me, ok??? hehe....

Bento Pet said...

blurmommy: Hehehe...sure will have some more stock for you! You want to make reservation? Hehe!

whiskyrs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bento Pet said...

whiskyrs: Hahaha! Will try to assemble them together next week. Very busy till then!!

Deanna said...

hi pat,
maharba! (helo in abu dhabi) i found out a 5 dirham(abt rm5) japanese shop call Daisho in this arab city. how do u like it?!
i went straight to the Bento section to see if i could find snything for u. very limited but other than Bento, 100 yen shop in ss2 is nothing compared to Daisho. one pratically can get anything there. one feasting for de eyes' shop.keep belogging! love, deanna

Bento Pet said...

deanna: finally visited my blog!! Need to e-mail you soon. Hv so much to tell. PMR started today - no fun!

Daiso is a paradise!! Maybe in Abu Dhabi not much interest in Bento that's why stuff limited.


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