Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bento #33

When I packed Bento #32, it was very easy and quick because everything was ready, just needed to put into the Bento.

I try not to do that too often because the kids don't exactly enjoy 'left overs'.

This morning, I got up earlier by 15 minutes because I wanted to prepare Onigiri for them. I cooked the two cups of rice this morning because Onigiri must be prepared with fresh, hot rice.

I made mini Onigiri's in two flavours, one with furikake and the other with tuna mayo filling. Dropped in some cherry tomatoes for color.

The other box had a 'cheezy ham melt' bun and some cut oranges and apples. Simple and filling Bento.


Elsie said...

Hi hello,
Thank you so much for your lovely words. I really did not expect to still get visitors after not posting so many weeks. Rest assured, I will be back soon.

I just realised I have been on your blog last night. Found it with my "Google Salt Dough Alerts" and has bookmarked it to have a look again over the weekend as I do not really have a lot of time during the evenings.

Stay well and I will be back to read more about the Bento and oh, your food looks so delicious too!!

Hope you are feeling better soon.


Judy said...

Your girls are so blessed to have a mum who rises early just to make special lunches with love.

When they are older, they will look back on all you have done for them and I can tell you that each time they think of the lunches you pack for them, tears will well up in their eyes out of appreciation and the thought of how much you love them.

I am talking from experience through the love my mum showed her children by cooking things we all love regardless how tired she is.

Bento Pet said...

elsie: thank you so much for coming by. When I found your blogs, I fell in love with them instantly. So much to learn!

Looking forward to updates on your sites when you can. Take care too!!

Bento Pet said...

judy: Thank you Judy for your words of encouragement and care.

I appreciate your dropping by regularly even though you are very busy! It's an inspiration to me that an experienced blogger like yourself makes the effort to read and drop some nuggets of wisdom to a green horn like me!! Thank you!


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