Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bento #34

Yesterday, after school, I asked #1 to pump petrol for my car and take #2 to buy some more work books.

After they got back, they came into the house giggling and laughing (must have had a great bonding session). #2 said "Mum!, I'm putting on weight, can I please have more fruits and vegetables in my Bento box?" Before I could respond, she continued, "Look at che-che's belly" (pointing at #1's belly). "Yeah! Mum! Look at my belly!" exclaims #1, especially when I sit down, I have to shift all the excess into my jeans!"
Eh! Go to the gym lah! say I. "I only can go after my PMR! exclaims #2!" "Mum! I am having exams too, exclaims #1!"

"Okay, okay! Got it! I say". More fruits and vegetables you'll get. Surely you're not putting on weight because of my Bento box meals! It must be from all the teas and supper you have with your friends when you go out with them!

Sheepishly #1 says "no mum, I only drink when I go out, I normally don't eat anything". Huh! Don't I know you? All this 'mamak culture' with all the greasy foods. Starbucks and Secret Recipe doesn't help either.

We'll see how to change your menus. *scratches head* Another task ahead....

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