Monday, September 3, 2007

Surprise! Eye Candy

One of my friends got back from Japan and brought me these bento accessories. I was elated at the new stash especially the bento straps, it's really difficult to obtain them. See the orange and green silicon cups on the right, these are re-usable and takes the shape of any space left in the bento. It's very pliable. Look at the cute chopsticks and spoons with it's own 'caps'. I love the little Hello Kitty sauce containers. I'm not really a fan of Hello Kitty but it came in handy this morning to contain the sauces for the bento.

I liked the Hello Kitty templates too. Just dust some furikake onto sushi rice and when removed, it leaves the famous kitty's face embossed on your rice! In front on the right corner are sauce bottles to contain soy sauce. The food cups come in various colors, shapes and sizes. There was even a star punch. I was on a 'high' the whole weekend when I received this stash.

My friend met my kids and I at Onsen, the Japanese restaurant which I posted about earlier. They were having a special Merdeka celebration and offered 50% discount of a selected menu. This is what we had:

I forgot to take the pictures of the Salmon dish and the Saba shioyaki that we ordered but all in all for six main courses the bill came up to RM120/=. I thought it was a steal!


Sue Sue said...

Wah so your friend so nice get you those accessories. Like the colourful bento cups so much. So did you manage to find the stuffs you want at 100 Yen shop?

Tracy Tan said...

definitely eye candy :)

G @ said...

sooo cute, the accessories alone already look cute enough to eat! look forward to more of ur bento photos!

PEARLY said...

you are lucky to have a good friend so cute all those accessories . I love Jap thing there are so fine and cute , the eel bento is my little son NO 1 meal when we go down to oriental city for food . love you benton . you are SUPER xxx

wHOisBaBy said...

nice addition to bento accessories. first time here from mommibee's blog. you really hard working mom, must need to wake up early to get ready the boxes for your DDs.

Bento Pet said...

sue sue: Yes, that's why I belanja her Japanese lunch. Hard to find friends who have same interest too. She also likes to cook Japanese food.

Didn't go to 100 Yen shop yet. Sg. Long seems very far. Need to get hubs to bring me there.

tracy tan: Hi! Long time no see. I see you are enjoying your food in China.

Bento Pet said...

mommibee: I am looking forward to using the templates but I've been given 'strict' instructions not to serve rice or noodles this week. Sigh!

Kids these days not only study for exams but also so conscious that their diet would also affect their functioning.

Bento Pet said...

pearly: I think we all are 'supermoms'. Today I read a quote that was hanging in my friend's toilet: "All the love that you share will one day come back to you". I don't know why she put it in the toilet but I'm glad she did because I totally agree with that.

When my brothers and I were young, my mum would always cook up a storm during weekends. Birthdays were something we all looked forward to because she'd lay out a great buffet table of foods. I still have very fond and vivid memories of my childhood growing up with the fantastic food my mum cooked for us.

We didn't realize until we grew up that the love she had for us was translated through the food she cooked because she came from a very traditional Penang family and did not display much physical emotions.

I guess now I am trying to do the same, only more. I hope my children will remember their 'bento' days when they have their own children.

Bento Pet said...

whoisbaby: welcome! I think most of the work goes into planning the bento. I normally have the menu ready the night before and if I can prepare the food ready, for example to marinate chicken, then I'd do it the night before and fry it in the morning.

I also prepare the staples and freeze, example the tomato base for spaghetti or pizza. There are the dipping sauces for the Japanese soba noodles which I bottle and freeze in plastic bottles. I also pre-roll my spring rolls and fry them in the morning.

I normally get everything ready in half an hour in the morning. If I don't plan and draw out my menu for the morning then it'd be chaotic and frenzied - which also happens! I've learnt my lesson and I try to discipline myself.

I'm still passionate about packing bento for my girls and I hope this fire lasts'!

Please visit again. Appreciate your comments!


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