Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bento #40

Bento #40 consists of potato korokke, some cherry tomatoes, a babybel cheese with a packet of plain crackers. On the side, another Tuna Onigiri (comfort food) and some 'slinky snakes'.

Didn't have time to upload yesterday because very busy attending weddings and this weekend's preparation for a fund raiser at Church.

Yours truly selling sushi to help out. Hopefully can capture some nice pictures and upload on Monday! Have a great weekend. I know mine will be very busy!!


Judy said...

What is potato karokke? Sounds like karaoke. :P

I am curious why you made bento on a Saturday. Do your girls have school on Saturdays?

So many busy body questions hor? :)

Bento Pet said...

judy: Haha! Wrong spelling - should read 'korokke' a.k.a croquette in English. It's just fried mashed potatoes with minced beef, mayo, onions etc. It's nice because it's fried and it keeps well till recess time.

Bento was made on Friday and posted on Saturday because I was busy that day. #2 finished PMR early and we spent the whole day together. There was a full moon and wedding dinner to attend and busy, busy lah!


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