Wednesday, October 10, 2007


RICE DAY! Today #1 stays back until 3.00p.m. for extra curricular activities.

I'm using the 'Shuttle Lunch' flask. It keeps the food hot for a couple of hours. It comes with a bag and a container for chopsticks too. So convenient.

This Bento has pipping hot miso soup, to be placed a the bottom of the flask, then the rice in the middle and the fried chicken and more crab sticks on the top layer.

Notice the rice, I used the Hello Kitty template my friend brought back from Japan and dusted the rice with sesame seeds.

In the other snack box is more Onigiri, plain Japanese crackers and two chocolate bars. I've got a lunch date at a friends house to eat "Sui Kau". Going to drop #3 to school now, and together with #2, we're off for a long relaxing lunch! Yeah!


Nightwing said...

U r really good with packing food on these Bento...Does it take long? or u prepare the night before?

Hope #2 manage to get the Secret dvd, make sure it is clear copy..

Rita Ho said...

Bento Pet ... you are at Bento #43 and I have yet to start mine! I have the Calrose rice, all your recipes on file ready to go but no bento boxes! The one store that has this only have boxes for kids (full of funny designs & pics) and they aren't cheap. US$30 for the smallest one with a clasp! The non-clasp are cheaper but not suitable for take-away. I am looking online now. Meanwhile, packing the lunches in a flask which has two sealed containers for hot stuff and two tuperware equivalent. The food stays warm for a day, but the whole flask is heavy. Sigh.

Rita Ho said...

I just enlarged the picture of your shuttle flask and its containers. Mine is somewhat similar except it is metallic black and silver. :) Husband just said he still wants bento boxes and some of your meals. Haha!

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: I never pack the night before because I'm not sure if the food will taste as nice by 10.30 the next morning during the kids break time at school.

I normally plan my menu the night before (provided all ingredients are available, pack and do the cooking in the morning, takes me about half an hour.

Once a week I prepare the spaghetti sauces and others for freezing so that I can just thaw and reheat for Bento.

I just found out #2 loves Jay Chow's "An Jing". Heard it on her blog, I can't understand a word! She was in Chinese primary school so she can appreciate some Mandarin songs.

Yeap! Clear and with sub-titles (for me!).

Bento Pet said...

rita ho: I tried buying something on e-bay from a Malaysian supplier and got conned! Oh! Well! I guess some Malaysians are just set on giving us all a BAD NAME!

You are right, the bento boxes can get quite pricy, especially the 'adult' ones.

If the box doesn't have a clasp, you can use a bento belt - just an elastic to hold the box together.

Yeap, the flask is heavy, #1 complained too. She prefers the bento boxes. She's also not particular about the food being hot or cold.

You can try the 'Lock & Lock' food storage containers, there are boxes which has partitions inside, works quite well too.

Check this link:
maybe you can add one or two more boxes for other main meals or something.

Hope your husband gets his bento box soon!!

Judy said...

Very creative. The rice especially. Anyway, just looking at the food makes me hungry.

ilovepearly said...

Oh now that you mention it, i then notice the hello kitty on the rice...hehehe, looks good.

ka..t said...

Ooh.. I just came back from Daiso! Almost everything is going for RM5. Got my first bento box. Small one (2 layers) with elastic band, cost RM16 (too pricey ah? How much in msia?), some silicone cups and 2 onigiri moulds (RM5 each). I only about 1/2 hour to shop, so didn't manage to see everything.
I didn't realise the box is so small, no wonder you said the food has to be small! But I like it! Will be going back soon.
Thanks for the lock & lock link. I have some rectangular ones. Just nice for an adult lunch!

Bento Pet said...

judy: Thank you!!

ilovepearly: Aiyoh! Quite tricky to use the template. Lucky it came out the first time, needed to dust the sesame seeds into the 'holes' of the template and sweep the rest to the sides. Nice to see but tricky to do!

Bento Pet said...

kat: So happy for you lah!! The price for the 2 layer bento box is RM4.90, supposedly @100 Yen. The strap also costs the same.

You are lucky to get the silicon cups! The ones being sold here at the Wilton cake shop costs about RM60 for 6 cups! I only need 2, what am I going to do with the rest of the 4? So, I don't buy! Wait for my friend to go back to Japan again and maybe 'tumpang' her to buy.

At the bottom of the box there are embossed letters which will tell you the capacity of each layer.

There is a bento box guide on the recommended capacity for age, sex and activity of the individual. Check out this site:
It's in Japanese but quite simple to decipher. Scroll down and you see two charts. The pink for the girl and blue for boys. First column is age, height, calories and capacity of Bento box in ml. Hope it helps!

Nightwing said...

Did u make a complaint about the Malaysian ..Ebay thingy? That way his/her reputation will be monitored.

Half and hour to pack the food, that is fast...wonder if i can do that in half an hour? For myself can...:)

Will keep a time use one of your creation to pack lunch or breakfast for meself....:)

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: I think I will make a complaint. I bid for the item and transfered the money into his account and then he tells me that the item had been sold. Now he's asking me for my account number so that he can transfer back to my bank but I'm concerned if there's any trickery involved. In fact after the bid closed and I transfered money to his account, the item was still up for new bids so I'm sure he's conning people. I haven't gone back to his site to check if it's still there though.

Half an hour only works if you have your menu planned the night before and all ingredients available. In the beginning it may take longer. you get better and faster as you make more bentos.

I bought Mitch Albom's book which you reviewed. I just started reading it, interesting. I think he's an amazing writer. I not only read "Tuesdays with Morrie", I even watched the DVD, it was even more amazing!

Nightwing said...

Hello, I think better don;t give out your account number. A lot of cons and scams around. I heard that some loan sharks are doing this sort of things.

Once they have ur account number, they bank in the money and 1 week later will call up for paying the loan...i only heard this...not sure true or not but better play safe.

You seen the DVD? hmmm...will try to get one too. Mitch is a good writer indeed.

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: That's why I was in limbo. Don't know what to do. It's not a lot of money but at the same time if he's using this method to con people 'sikit, sikit jadi bukit'.


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