Monday, October 29, 2007

Bento #50

This is a delicious bento. In the back bento box are vegetables tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Used cookie cutters to cut carrot stars for color and another STAR - shaped egg.

In the front bento box is Udon noodles lightly tossed in garlic oil and topped with kamaboko.

We were at a wedding dinner on Saturday and there was a lady sitting next to us with beautiful, porcelain type skin. We just couldn't resist asking her for her beauty regime. She shared with us that when she was young, her mother used to force her to eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits. So much so that she never had a chance to eat tit bits like her two other brothers. She was so traumatized by the disparity that she decided only to have one child so that her child would not have to suffer like her, being set aside and treated differently. That bit of personal sharing blew us away.

She was so bare with her hurts that we could only share her languish by providing a listening ear. I would never put my children through such 'abuse' for finer skin. I could, perhaps add on the fruits and vegetables to their menu and encourage that they maintain a balanced diet.


Nightwing said...


Nice Bento menu again...:)

Ya, sure sad to be treated that way from young. Good that u listen to her stories...:)

U and ur love ones have a great week ahead.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

tt's sad. she could practice fairness herself. she thinks she's doing her child a favor but what she's doing is propagating her fear!bc u c, we can choose to change our lives, show our kids how it's done instead of being defeated.n she doesn't realise it, but she could c the positive behind what she experienced:she actually thinks the fruits n veg gave her good skin (so her parents did good) when in fact i think it's more her genes haha!
i wanted to make oden last weekend but can't find things like the konyakku cubes.the joys n pain of living in small 'cities'...

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: Thanks!! I really appreciate you coming by. I think that of all three books by Mitch Albom, I still prefer Tuesdays with Morrie.

My daughter watched the movie you recommended. She loved it. You are right, the piano part is awesome!!!

Bento Pet said...

terri: Totally agree with you on that! Mostly I listened and shared my own experience and that from working with youths in the church. I always believe by being parents, sometimes we also don't know what to do either. There are so many trial and errors. If only parenthood came with a standard manual.

You don't need all the ingredients for Oden. Just improvise and try out the taste. It's okay to leave out the konnyaku. The base broth ingredients are important.

JO-N said...

I like the star shaped egg. I agree with you that parenting is trial and error. We learn along the way.

Bento Pet said...

jo-n: The egg molds which I just acquired are my most prized possessions. I have been eye-ing on the molds since I started bento-ing in late July. I'm really lucky to be able to make a swap for it.

Yeap! Much of parenting is trial and error.

Melissa said...

hey, just want to ask, where to find these egg molds anyway? i can't seem to find it here in kuching..


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