Monday, October 29, 2007

Healthy, Friendly Japan - Lifestyle, Star online

Please read the article published in the Star newspaper on Sunday, October 28 about Healthy, Friendly Japan. It's about how Japan battles with obesity and lifestyle-related diseases like any other advanced nation. Japan, not a nation to take things lying down has drawn a battle plan to improve healthy diet efforts.
In a
n unprecedented initiative in the world, the Japanese government is not only providing healthy lunch meals at a highly subsidised rate in public schools but also in it's national movement, nurtures people into practising a healthy lifestyle.

Watch this
Movie depicting a lunchtime scenario in a public elementary school.


Rita Ho said...

Hi Bento Pet ... Congratulations on reaching Bento #50! What are you going to do during the school holidays? or do you pack as well??

I salute the Japanese government for caring about the lifestyle of their citizens. The Americans should follow, fast! Obesity in American kids is already a great concern.

Off topic, I re-discovered Matt Monroe and Shirley Bassey over the weekend and immediately thought of you. His voice is so pleasing to the ear and she has to be the most powerful singer alive.

Bento Pet said...

Thank you Rita. Reaching Bento #50 has been quite an achievement for me too. There won't be any bento packing during the holidays. It'll just be random posts, experimental cooking, baking, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals etc.

I was very inspired by the article too. Keeps me fired up to do what I'm doing.

Shirley Bassey - I remember her singing the theme song for James Bond's Diamonds are forever! Wonderful!

I see you are putting the 'new' notebook to good use!! Cheers!


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