Wednesday, October 31, 2007


No Bento again (through no fault of mine - I'm raring to go)! Tried cooking Omurice for the first time. Wikipedia doesn't really do justice in describing Omurice.

I Googled the recipe and fried the rice. It's basically fried with chopped onions, I used duck meat instead of chicken as in the recipe. Then I mixed in some tomato sauce at the end.

The omelet is supposed to be a little under cooked and soft when placed on top of the rice. You're suppose to slit it open to cover up the rice. Mine was a little over done but still very tasty. Look at this link and see how simple and delicious it is. There are two methods with the eggs in Omurice. One is to top the rice with the omelet and the other is to wrap the rice with the egg. Look at this link for the second method.

Check out Peony's site - a fellow bento blogger for first hand pictures from Japan.


sting said...

oohhh.. that looks so yummy.. have you tried making beef sauce to go with it? we loved it.. :-)

WokkingMum said...

I didnt know there are 2 methods. I always do the 2nd method.
Thanks for the sharing the link. They make it seems so easy! ;)

Bento Pet said...

sting: Want to share your beef sauce recipe? Would love to try it!

Bento Pet said...

wokkingmum: My friend who went back to Japan recently tried to explain this to me and I couldn't imagine how to 'wrap' the fried rice. She told me that there were two methods used in Japan.

So I went to YouTube to search. Had to view so many before finding these two. Sigh! Eyes also tired already. But glad it was informative. Cheers!

Peony said...

yes, there r so many varieties of yummy omuraisu in Japan.
in fact, there r restaurants that just specialize in omurice.

Can only take a few pic of the delicious dish here :

Bento Pet said...

peony: Thanks for the info and link to your site. I've updated my omurice post to link to your pictures.

Btw, I quite a fan of your bentos! Cheers! And I think Ryan is every mother/grandmothers dream child/grandchild because he has such an appetite. My 8 year old hardly eats and is terribly picky.

ilovepearly said...

First time hearing about it, don't look too hard to come up with a dish with eggs and fried rice.

Bento Pet said...

ilovepearly: Basically it's egg and friend rice but if you watch the YouTube clips you see that the eggs are a little undercooked so that it is still very wet and soft and delicious as it is. Yeah!

Yoshimitsu Family Blog said...

Hi, from Trabuco Canyon.

Nightwing said...

ok..hungry already...:)

Lunch Buckets said...

Tempe? Could be me!

sting said...

hi.. been searching for the recipe ever since we watched a japanese dorama that centers at a restaurant that sells beef sauce omurice.. can't find the recipe :-( but have tasted it before..
Come to think of it, let me do up a post on this and show u the pic..
Btw, tag you :-)

Yoshimitsu Family Blog said...

Thanks for the invite. Tis was recently I caught the bento bug.
My email addy

Your bento buddy.:)

Bento Pet said...

Yoshimitsu Family Blog: Thank you for visiting Bento buddy! Have taken note of your e-mail. Cheers!

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: Yummy!

Bento Pet said...

lunch buckets: Thanks for coming by, but Tempe? Huh? Can you elaborate?

Bento Pet said...

sting: Hey! Thanks for the tag and the offer of pictures! Will check your site!! "Arigato"!


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