Thursday, March 13, 2008

More cuppacakes?

My baby has grown up!!
#1 made these cup cakes for CNY 2008!

More cuppacakes!!

#1 complained about how expensive the cup cake holders from Wilton's were and refused to add anymore to her collection than the one that we purchased last year.

Yikes! How were we going to display all those cup cakes that she made then? Little genius that she is, she constructed her own stand! Hero! It probably cost us under RM15/=

Every year for CNY, #1 and #2 would invite their school mates and church friends for an open house. My principal is always the same, the numbers cannot exceed 50 people otherwise we'd be drowning around their friends!! We cater the food BUT they must make the deserts. Of course yours truly also makes some lah!

The cup cakes were a hit as usual. There were none left by the time the kids left. Not even one for breakfast!!

Sorry for the poor shots. We were so busy that night that no one bothered to take pictures (as usual). #1 just took some using her phone. Sigh!


WokkingMum said...

WOW!! She is really good!

Nightwing said...

This is really good stuffs.

May be in future can sell these cup cakes..:)


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