Friday, March 14, 2008


Last Saturday, our BEC had two nuns come to give a "Talk on Parents as Sexuality Educators". It was pot-luck and because elections was on that day, I really didn't have much time to do any cooking. So I issued and 'order' to #1 to make some cup cakes.

She was very sweet and made these for me. Wasn't any left after the meal that night. While the whole country was busy following the results for the elections, 25 adults sat attentively to listen to two nuns speak about "SEX"! Hahaha! I'd have expected more parents would attend this - after all what else would have been more interesting than good food and sex talks??

On a serious note, I was really disappointed with the turn up. We're talking about us parents trying to get some 'sex education' from the Church's perspective (How often does this ever happen anyway?).

How many of us use the correct terminology when it comes to our kids sexual organs? Instead, we give 'pet names' that confuse them when they learn what they learn from their Science classes. Can we actually speak openly to our kids about sexual abuse and warn them to be 'alert' so that they know who can touch where?

We learnt a whole lot about ourselves as parents and our own 'taboos' and pre-set minds. It wasn't a session where we could learn everything about how to discuss with our kids on the topic of sex but it was a very good learning 'entry level' where most parents could relate and understand, first, ourselves and then only the approach we need to take to discuss with our kids.

The last part of the talk was really distracting though. SMS's were coming in lightning speed from friends and relatives updating on the dismal performance of BN.
What goes around, comes around - my philosophy in life!

1 comment:

Nightwing said...

Ya...important subject indeed.

Was it only for adults or students/teens are invited for the talk ?


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