Monday, March 17, 2008

Sakura Denbu

Ingredients: cod fish, sugar, glucose, wheat flour, cochinille

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese, and the pink color is similar to the color of cherry blossom.

It is made from cooked cod fish which is pounded, dried, and flavored with salt, sugar, soy sauce etc, and finally colored with food red coloring. It is often used in sushi because it makes sushi vivid and beautiful.

Manufactured by Nishimoto trading Co., LTD.
Product of Japan


I've run out of Sakura Denbu for months! It's been out of stock at all the Jusco outlets!! Yeah! I've gone on a rampage search everywhere and today when I was at Mid Valley, the staff at Jusco informed me that they have stopped ordering this.

*Sigh, faints slightly* I love this because it gives the sushi a nice sweet flavor besides making it look good. I'm not giving up yet. Still searching!!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

you're back? you're back! woohoo!

Rei said...

Hi, I've reading your blog for a while. I love Japanese food too and have been making bentos to bring for lunch. May I link you to my blog? Many thanks.


Bento Pet said...

terri: again... *grins shyly* yeah!!

Bento Pet said...

rei: Sure! I'm honored!

angeline said...


Not sure if you have found sakura denbu but i saw it at The Garden at one of the shops that sell Japanese food (can't remember the shop name) last Saturday. Same floor at Cold Storage.

I am interested in making bento but it seems to me that it's not easy to get the accessories locally unless you order online. Went to the 100 yen @SS2 yesterday, to my disappointment, i couldnt get a single accessory at all

Bento Pet said...

Angeline: Thanks for the info. I've managed to get my Sakura Denbu stock from my regular Japanese restaurant, so for now the 'crisis' is over. I know which shop you're referring to. They have opened one in 1U opposite to Burger King. Unfortunately the Sakura Denbu isn't the regular brand I buy and the color is very dull. Doesn't look good!!

There a few nice two layer bento boxes in SS2 which I saw two days ago. I was tempted to buy them but didn't because my cupboards are overflowing! The problem with 100 Yen shop is you really need to search for bento stuff. I saw food dividers, food cups and some other bento stuff. I spend a long time browsing and often I find stuff that are very useful and most times 'hidden'.

Check out the one in Puchong. Haven't been there for a while though.


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