Tuesday, June 17, 2008


#2 has warmed up to the idea of taking 'full meals' for lunch in this insulated Thermos flask. Well at least the soup keeps hot till lunch. She likes it.

Today's schedule ends at 3p.m. because of choir practice again. Today, the Choir Mistress will be in attendance to do some brushing up.

It was Miso soup in the Thermos again because she enjoyed it yesterday and requested for the same. Only this time no more clams, just Aburaage and fish cake.

I re-fried some nori pork balls and added the balance of the vegetables from her break-time bento. In the rice box, I added some Daikon pickle (her favourite) and furikake.

This blue bento contains her break-time snack. Baby corn, Asparagus spears, carrots and cucumbers wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper. Added some tomatoes and a little box of salad sauce. #2 hasn't acquired the taste for the Vietnamese peanut sauce yet.


mamabliss said...

oh... this bento is brimming with love... :)

KAY said...

Daikon pickle, does it taste good?

Bento Pet said...

mamabliss: It definitely is! It takes a lot to wake up early to prepare all this and lots of planning the night before. But I'm happy and I'm excited all the time about doing it. Mostly because I know my kids love what I feed them! - Hahaha! most times anyway!

Bento Pet said...

kay: Daikon pickles are delicious and a standard serving at most Japanese restaurants. I buy them ready pickled from the supermarket. I've just acquired a new pickle book and am looking at experimenting.


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