Friday, June 13, 2008

Excursion Bento

We're off to Sungai Klah Hotsprings with some of our Church Youths. I packed a bento for hubs and I to snack on in the car. The youths together with my daughter travels in a 44 seater bus.

My bento box contains Tamagoyaki - cut to resemble a heart shape. There are 3 pieces of peanut 'muah chee' (mochi) which I bought at a Nyonya stall this morning. Lots of crunchy vegetables and crabsticks to dip in thousand island dressing. Yummy!!

I added another picture to this post after I got back from Sungkai.
I made Tuna Onigiri with sesame seeds and furikake and some futomaki for my daughters and their friends for tea on Friday when we arrive Sungkai. They finished everything during tea. *Slaps forehead* Just four girls and they could finish so much!

The picture is a little dark, as usual I didn't check because the girls were ready and waiting to tuck in to the food when I wanted to take the picture.


sting said...

the onigiri looks great and with furikake... *slurp* :-p

btw, where did you get the egg mould that you showed in once of your previous post on bento tools? I couldn't find it in Jusc and Isetan.. or did I go to the wrong department? I was searching in the kitchen's department, where they have those onigiri moulds...

Bento Pet said...

sting: egg moulds are not available in any of the local stores - as far as I know.
I made a swap with someone in Singapore and she bought it from Daiso. You can use some of the Onigiri moulds or 'face' moulds as an alternative.

allthingspurple said...

i would have finished that off too, and more !! looks delicious !

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: thanks for the compliment! This is an all time favorite and when I remind them that they are supposed to be 'on diet', they turn around and ask 'what diet?'. Hahaha! When there's good food, diet is out of their vocab!


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