Monday, June 16, 2008


Today's Bento is mostly left overs from the weekend. Cut up the Kyuri and crab sticks to fit the box. Added the simmered shitake mushrooms and fried a quick tamagoyaki.
I made the miso soup fresh and it, in itself is a meal because I added in clams (lala), Japanese fish cake, Wakame seaweed and Aburaage (Japanese taufoo pok).

Notice my black Oshibori box on the right?

This is going to be a very filling lunch because #2 has Choir practice up to 3p.m. today. The school choir is going for the Trinity Choir examination this Friday and #2 says they are not ready. Good luck then!


KAY said...

Nice bento.

Bento Pet said...

kay: Thanks! #2 loved the lunch!


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