Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BENTO #114

#2 was raving about the tuna mayo and alfalfa when she got back from school yesterday. She asked if she could have it again today. "Sure! Still had some left (makes it easier for me too)!"

This morning, everything looks so pale. In the left box is blanched cauliflowers topped with Japanese Kewpie Mayo and Cheddar cheese packed next to some lemon roasted chicken (freezer stock).

The right box had some konyakku noodles mixed with garlic oil and loads of tuna mayo, alfalfa and tomatoes. Another Apricot fruit roll for treat!

Easy peasy Bento!


nobu said...

Oh, Konnyaku noodle! It's great.
Did you cut it stripre your self?
Bento_pet, You really have good hands.

Bento Pet said...

nobu: Actually here in Malaysia, they sell the block Konnyaku and the noodle type. I buy both and use them whenever required. #2 loves Konnyaku and so do I.

kashmirkat said...

Happy Blog Anniversary :) Looks yummy even with the lack of color :)

kastinkerbell said...

Color is *always* everything. You've got a good balance of nutrients going there.


kastinkerbell said...

er I meant to say "color" ISN'T *always* everything. Whoops. What a slip!

Bento Pet said...

kashmirkat: Thank you and Happy birthday to you too!!!

Bento Pet said...

kastinkerbell: Thank you. No prob!!


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