Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bento competition has officially ended

Dear Bento friends

I wish to announce to you that Bento Pet's Bento Competition has officially ended 29, July 2008, 12a.m. Malaysian time. (Please look at the clock at my side bar).

Thank you to all who has submitted your Bento entries. I am currently sorting them out and it is extremely exciting as well as stressful because it is almost impossible to choose THE ONE!

Please be patient while I work on the post to announce the short listed Bentos. I am trying my best to work it out as soon as possible.

Thank you!!


Krisaki said...

Yay I can't wait to see the winning bento!

kashmirkat said...

Looking forward to seeing the results :) I'm sure choosing is no easy task!

JO-N said...

This competition is supposed to bring fun to everyone, including you. So, don't stress yourself out, ok? Breathe and relax!

3lilangels said...

Ditto what Jo-n said. We had fun, hope you have fun choosing the winning entry too.

sting said...

looking forward to the results :-) have fun ya

Emily said...

It was fun getting to Bento#10! Thanks for organising this fabulous competition!

YozoraNiteSky said...

oh..i am so excited..can't wait for the results

allthingspurple said...

oh , don't feel bad about having to eliminate the contestants out. We already appreciate that you are doing all these for bento lovers. Not everyone would go through this effort, just so you know. Ha ha.

It's all in the fun. Set your mind at ease. We have had fun !!

Bento Pet said...

krisaki, kashmirkat, jo-n, 3lilangels, sting, emily, yozo & allthingspurple: Thank you for all the encouragement! Shortlisted 14 already.

Enjoying the process but also headache because all looks delicious!

Congratulations to some of you, already in the running for the grand prize!

Jacki said...

This is so fun, thank you for running this contest!! Anything that gets people excited about bento is definitely a good thing. I'm super stoked to be in the short list :)

Lyvvie said...

So many new bento links! New ideas! New Friends!

Bento Pet said...

jacki: Thanks for participating. I just the love the colors and the way you put together your Bentos!

Bento Pet said...

lyvvie: Your husband is one lucky bloke! My kids loved your entry, colors were so vibrant and the contents looked so delicious!

They too talk about "Obentobaby" and the edible jokes!


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