Friday, August 1, 2008

BENTO #116

"I need to loose some weight" #2 tells me! "You give me too much food", "I have to loose weight to get into 'che che's' (elder sister) dress" she looks at me accusingly.

"Okay, okay, we'll see what to do the next two weeks" I reply.

#2 has to bring along with her, 3 gowns for her piano competition in Korea and 2 national costumes for a cultural night exchange. She has 2 black gowns which she uses for performances and the third she's borrowing a lovely cream colored gown from #1.

Both are tall (above 5'5") and have often been mistaken for twins. I don't know how they are mistaken because to me they look totally different but time and again strangers ask if they are twins. Their reaction is similar - looks at each other, grin, rolls eyes a little then breaks into a wide smile and shakes their head and deny profusely.

The cream colored gown is an off shoulder, corset style body hugging dress. If fits her like a glove but she says she needs to loose a couple of pounds so that it doesn't fit so snugly. I guess when you are standing upright it feels comfortable but when you sit and have to play the piano at the same time, a fitting corset can get quite stressful.

Perhaps I should suggest another gown. IS lovely and would be such a waste....oh well....we'll see.

Today's meal is light and easy. In the left box are corn, cherry tomatoes and some Kiwi slices.

In the right box, frozen dipping sauce, Cha Soba and a spoonful of sesame seeds.

In the triangular box is some blueberry cereals for snacking.

I think I should browse through "weight watchers" for some low calorie recipes.


nobu said...

I think your daughter loves cha soba.
Does she like typical soba noodle?

YozoraNiteSky said...

ooohhh quick for weight watchers style bento..please.... i too need to lose some weight fit comfortably back into my work clothes..all that good food exchange from my friends have definitely increase my waistline. A great weekend to you dear Bento Pet :)

allthingspurple said...

totally love today's bento. What colour coordination.

About the gown, next time take photos with your handphone. We can help choose for you.

Bento Pet said...

nobu: You are right, she loves cha soba. She also likes all other soba noodles like the buckwheat noodles in hot soup. She doesn't like the Korean Kimchi noodles though.

Bento Pet said...

yozo: Must do some research first.

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: LOL! Good idea! See what she decides on first.

Yvo said...

Heya, do you ever go to pikkopots? She is on weight watchers and bentos, she lists off points and stuff for bento even though I don't know what it means... hehe
Her URL is :)

Bento Pet said...

yvo: Thanks for the link. I do visit her blog quite often but no recipes. I'll check again and see if I can get some new ideas.


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