Friday, August 1, 2008

More confusion!

My daughter #2 is a little of a computer whizz kid. Every time I have a problem I will go to her for advice. Sometimes, when she's in the mood she'll update me with some cyber news. I'm a total dud when it comes to IT.

She introduced me to blogging and registered me for this blog. She's made some minor upgrades for me since then. #2 also registered me for Facebook, honestly, up to now I can't understand how to use it!

I seldom go to Facebook because I get spammed with all types of games that my young youth contacts send to me. Aghhhhh.....! Apparently Facebook is quite hot in cyber space but I'm really cool about it because I'm blurr.

I now manage 3 e-mail address for various very valid reasons. I also author and moderate in two other blogs. I surf a lot of bento sites and sometimes to leave a comment, you're required to sign up or something and I kinda signed up for a Xanga account (Goodness knows what it's all about because I don't!). I only know that now I also operate a 'private' and dormant Xanga account for comments purposes.

I know that #2 has had probably about half a dozen blogs which she keeps changing and I heard that she's about to change again. I can't understand the logic behind this either.

Aiyoh! And as if all these are not stressful enough, my daughter #2 signed me up for Nuffnang! She says that they have some cool parties (as if mum would be going).

She got home today and was talking to #1 about the day's activities in school and the fun time she had there.

Then she was sharing about how a friend's picture got taken from his Facebook and landed in a banner or poster in Vietnam! Mind you, without his knowledge.

Hahaha! Mum being mum, I chipped in "Ah! He got international popularity for free lah! Okay what!"
"You know, his picture with Kenny Sia at the Nuffnang pajama party was plastered everywhere too! In so many blogs also" #2 added.
"Wah so grand ah? Picture with Kenny Sia become public property mah!" mum said.

Hmmmm....! she replied. "I also have Nuffnang says #2. I respond.

"Aiyah! Mum! I get paid for putting Nuffnang in my blog lah, understand?"
"Ohhh.....yeah kah? So?" "How much do you get?"
"Well a couple of ringgit and they only pay you if you reach RM50/="
"Hahaha!!! You got a couple of ringgit?"
And the conversation went on......and she persuaded me to sign up for Nuffnang or rather she signed me up!
"Don't worry, don't have to do anything, just put the Nuffnang advertisement on your blog will do" she says.
"So? Will I get RM50 after this?" I asked.
She stares at me in disbelief. Rolls her eyes and asks me "IC number?".

*BIG sigh* I hope that giving in to her persuasion doesn't end up with me being drowned in some weird cyber journey! Already I have to make a list of all these other accounts and passwords that I have to have at hand to access the accounts and it can get so confusing!


allthingspurple said...

me too, me too ! I am template challenged and IT challenged. Fortunately never did pick a career in IT, or it will be the end of me. ha ha.

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

This post is getting me a little confuse...hahaha...

I don't use facebook, I have a account but don't really see much to do there.

Xanga, I think it can be confusing editing the blog but once get the hand of it, it's really simple. Not to mention how easy it is to contact the people in charge of Xanga, so if you got a problem you can contact directly instead of filling out some forms. I don't know what other sites that offer help in such way with such ease. Having to choose private / protected gives me control over who's reading my blog.

Nuffnang, I can't sign up for that sadly, seen it all over other bloggers....aiyo...maybe a little off topic... i am confuse... anyways have a good day!

Tarcoulis said...

Heh, heh. I have the same problem - too many usernames and passwords to remember - so I wrote them all down on a piece of paper ... promptly lost it.

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: I'm lucky I have #2 to refer to for advice. In fact only last night #1 who's in college learnt some nifty IT stuff from #2 while chatting over supper.

Bento Pet said...

ms._____2 be!: Actually I wouldn't mind posting in Xanga too since I have already an account. Only thing is I haven't been able to feel my way around and it's quite troublesome to switch from one to the other. Passwords and all drive me crazy!

Have a good day yourself!

Bento Pet said...

tarcoulis: I've transfered them all on my desktop and as long as it doesn't crash I think I still have a chance! LOL!


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