Thursday, August 7, 2008

BENTO #119

Was busy the whole day. Didn't really have much time to post this bento.

I julienned some raw carrots, cucumber and turnip ("Bangkuang" - read in Malay). For added flavor, I fried a slab of Salmon and mashed it up, mixed them all up with the raw vegetables and stuffed them all into some Abura-age. I wanted to give #2 some chili sauce but she declined.

Below, you can see the julienned vegetables and mashed Salmon.

Here is the stuffed Abura-age close up.

I fried some Tamagoyaki and added some wakame and bits of pickled Chinese turnip ("Choy Poh" - read in Cantonese or "Chai Por" - in Hokkien). See the close up in this picture below.

The complete Bento box contains of 2 pieces of stuffed Abura-age with mashed Salmon and veggies, some blanched baby French beans, Tamagoyaki fried with pickled Chinese turnip and wakame, an orange and some Hijiki simmered with carrots (frozen stock).

A bland variety of flavors with an orange to save the day!


Yvo said...

I thought of something. Do you read justbento? She's got a lot of great tips and she talks about healthy/nutritious bento all the time, along with calorie counts (approximations) of each meal. Check it out :)

Emily said...

Hi Bento Pet! Thanks for the cookies! I have been good... its still 3/4 full!

biblo said...

Caught you Emily, you mean there were more cookies...LOL!!!

Hi Bento Pet, love all your bento. I just drool everytime I come here...

Emily said...

Biblo! How about a whole canister full! LOL

Bento Pet said...

yvo: Thanks, I do visit her site often for ideas. Her post on poached chicken was good.

Bento Pet said...

emily: Thank you for everything! I owe you big time!!

Bento Pet said...

biblo: You're doing well yourself!!


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