Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last Day to vote for your favorite Bento!!

Dear Bento packers, friends and visitors,

You have approximately 24 hours more to vote for your favorite Bento! Please cast your vote if you have not done so. Your opinion is important!

We have a very close competition between three Bento packers on the poll and your vote may be the one that will emerge the winner!

All you need to do is vote for your favorite Bento out of the thirteen listed here!

Please do not procrastinate because there is no time left!

May the best Bento win!!


Yvo said...

I'm just happy to have been on the short list! Thanks again so much for having a great contest... and I wonder if you can share where you found the face punches (even though I'm not in Malaysia or ANYWHERE near, hehe, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places here?). :)

Bento Pet said...

yvo: Thanks for participating and being so sporting!

Someone else asked the same question in an older post too.

I found them at the stationary section of Isetan in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre).

Deana E said...

hi Pat. i went to 1 Borneo last night and the Pick is not yet in stock.just to let you know

allthingspurple said...

Earnestly, it is an honour just to be shortlisted !!

It doesn't matter who wins. This is fun.Yesterday before I went to court, I was at 31 votes. When I come out from court, I was told that I am at 58. I was so overwhelmed by the support shown. I am so glad that my effort to put up bento posts were appreciated.

Everynow and then, blogger friends will text me to tell me the votes. It is exciting and fun. Like running for election only. ha ha, even though I keep telling them I am not looking to win. Bento-ing is fun ! And the contest added to the fun !!

Thanks for making these possible for us, Pat !

Bento Pet said...

deana e: Thanks! No hurry and thanks again!

Bento Pet said...

It's been an amazing week monitoring the poll. To see it fluctuate from one to the other was quite awesome!

Each one is a winner on it's own but unfortunately, I only have one prize. I wish I could give all 13 a prize each but I would have to take an additional overdraft from my banker if I were to do that. LOL!


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