Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bento Party Part 3

I spent the whole evening sorting and uploading these photos from the Bento Party. Suddenly I'm insanely BUSY!! There are so many things to do and upcoming training camps to attend to.

#2 has exams and upcoming events to keep busy for a while to come. Just spent a small fortune on buying new gowns for upcoming events. *faints* Went to the laundry to get the gowns dry cleaned and the girl at the counter was swooning away about how lovely the gowns were. Obviously lah! Cost me an arm and a leg! *faints some more*

I'd like to say here that I'm sorry I haven't replied any of your comments, e-mail, SMS'es and calls because I'm running around like a headless chicken right now!

Please don't stop commenting because this blog author appreciates every one of them!!!! It's just that there are other more pressing issues (e.g. posting more pictures from the Bento Party) and priorities to take care of at this point in time!

Anyway, here are the pictures from the Bento Party competition. The first set of pictures are from the Beginner Bento competition section - no accessories. You can see the numbers on the sticker at the side of the Bento Box. The judges did not know who the Bento box belonged to when they judged it.

Emily chose number 18 and it belonged to Evelyn! Congratulations Evelyn (Edit) AMY!

Coincidently the lucky number that I chose was also number 18 and AMY also got a prize from the lucky draw! Congratulations again!!


These Bento boxes were for the Bento competition with accessories.

I judged this event and I chose number 7! I loved the animal theme and the little bear cup cake made by Su Yin matched the theme so well! I'm no Hello Kitty fanatic but I was awed with the soy sauce bottle and animal forks!

Congratulations Sharon of 3lilangels!!!

This long awaited prize was for Kelly of Kel's place, who won the Bento Competition commemorating my 100th Bento post and Blog anniversary.

There are still random pictures from the Bento Party. I will post them all soon!


Emily said...

Thank you Bento Pet for a great bento party ever!

suesue said...

Hey Pat & Emily,
Thanks for organizing the party. It is indeed a very successful one and I am impressed many bloggers turn up and they are enjoying themselves. I am having fun too. Hey let me know if you have any Hello Kitty bento box for sale. I missed it leh at the sale.

angeleyes said...

What a fun event... wonder when we can have one in Penang? :P

Bento Pet said...

emily: I must say thank you to you! You were a tremendous help and an absolute friend! *kow tow*

Bento Pet said...

suesue: Thank you for all the sponsored items. Your additional items were a surprise and we were excited to meet up with you too!


Bento Pet said...

angeleyes: You can organize one too!


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