Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bento Party Part 1

I am lost for words! Today 6th September 2008, marked a historical day for us local bento enthusiasts/bloggers/stalkers and packers. We blogged about it, we commented about it, we discussed about it and finally we met about it - All about BENTO! Was it awesome, ladies?

I think I had a whale of a time meeting and trying to put a face to the blog name that I so often visit. Sharon of
3lilangels, SueSue of Cooking Momster, Christene of allthingspurple, Wendy of Biblo, Kelly of Kel's place, Jessie of Hijack Queen, Sue of Stargal, Diyana of This is me, Molly of undeniably jinxed and all the other ladies who silently blog or are beginning to blog and some, even thinking about how to start to blog?

One heart, one interest, one Bento!
That's what brought us together. Well, ladies, we came, we conquered and we all went home with overflowing bags!!!
*The downside was that our wallets went home a little lighter,
the upside is, we have lots more Kawaii stuff to experiment with!!!*

The Bento party began with registration for 22 people and 3 able assistants in Saymond from 100 Yen shop taking care of the sale of Bento boxes and some other Bento gear, my two daughters Michelle and Rachel who looked after photography and sales of Bento accessories.

Jessie of Hijack Queen was the first to arrive and registration rolled on after that. Our program started at 12 noon and I think we kept time quite well!

This was basically the program of the day:

11.45 noon:
Arrival of participants Registration and seating
12.00 pm:
Welcome speech by Bento Pet ~ outlining the day's programme
Ice-breaker introduction

Powerpoint slide presentation:
How-to’s on bento

Bento packing contest/Photography
Judging for two categories


Emily shares her personal beginner Bento journey

• Presentation of prize to previous Bento contest winner - Kelly

• Presentation of prizes to current Bento contest winner

Open category – with accessories
Beginner category – without accessories
• Lucky draw

2.15 - 2.30pm Bento Goodies Sale! Sayonara! **

The Bento Party venue: Onsen Japanese Restaurant

The food: Chicken Kara-age and mixed Tempura

A variety of mixed maki

The lovely Su Yin
From L-R: Rachel (#2), Emily, Su Yin, Pat (Bento Pet) & Michelle (#1)

Tamagoyaki and sake sushi?

Onigiri cup cake anyone?

I almost didn't want to eat my cup cake!

Introduction session!

Lovely ladies all in a row, Stargal, Hijack Queen and Terri!

Emily sharing her beginner Bento experience!

This is 'moi' giving a short pep talk on Bento "how to".

Bento gear stalkers!!!

No pressure, No pressure!!! First of a series of updates from the Bento party!!


3lilangels said...

oh great! you've updated. No pressure, yeah.... Thanks for a very enjoyable bento party. It was very well organized. A big round of applause to Pat and Emily.

Our Story said...

seems like a great party. got nice food to eat have cute bento items to get, so nice. cant wait for more updates :)


Hijackqueen said...

Thanks Pat & Emily to put up this marvellous party. We had such a wonderful time chating and making new friends.

Yvo said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to read more! And GASP!!! I can't believe you met Su Yin and ... I'm GUESSING... those are HER cupcakes!!! *faints* So not bento-related but I've been ogling her baking site for a year or more now... following her from Australia to the US and now to Malaysia... insane :)

kel said...

Yeah! A great time for us to "see" each other too! Thanks again, Pat and Emily!

biblo said...

Yes, another big round of applause to Pat and Emily for organizing a very enjoyable Bento Party.

Of course I did not go to KL just for this gathering of Bento enthusiasts... :P

Yet to update my blog...

allthingspurple said...

hey, got update already! How come I didn't see this on Saturday wan?

It was great meeting up with you,Pat. Feel as if I have known you forever,heehee..cos I frequent your blog so often. And it was great meeting all the others too !!

Had a great time !! It went rather well, don't you think? Too bad I had to leave half an hour early. Thanks for giving us this opportunity allowing all of us to meet up with each other !!!

When is 2nd round? okay, will let u breath awhile first. haha.

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: Thank you for helping make the Bento party a success!
*Takes a bow* LOL!

Bento Pet said...

our story: Was fun and great putting faces to blog names! Finally meeting the real people! Can't wait to meet you too. You have a lovely voice!

Bento Pet said...

hijackqueen: Thanks Jessie! Emily was great help co-ordinating the whole event! Was great to meet you finally.

Bento Pet said...

yvo: It was really fun and Emily says that we should have a convention the next time round! *faints*

Yeah! Meeting Su Yin was like the highlight of the day for me! I was so awed and kept asking to take pictures with her. Behaving worse than my kids camwhoring!

The cuppie cakes were just AWESOME!

Bento Pet said...

kel: Thank you for making the Bento competition and party more meaningful by participating in it!! Congratulations again and I hope you like the stuff.

Bento Pet said...

*takes another bow* Thank you! My head is going to explode at this rate! LOL!!

It was great meeting you, I know Emily really looked forward to seeing you! Happy belated birthday!!!

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: Like what Emily said, next time round will be a convention! LOL!!!

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!

veganf said...

Wow, those cupcakes are AMAZING!! What a fun time!


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