Thursday, September 18, 2008

Left over Bento stuff for sale!

There are some left over and new accessories up for sale! Most are from the Bento Party stock that I brought in. If you are interested to purchase them, please e-mail me for details @


Aw said...

I would like to purchasse the Hello Kitty & Doremon lunch box, animal fork & picks. Would you mind to ship to Kuantan? tq

Bento Pet said...

aw: I've e-mailed you the details!

i'm ソソ said...

i want egg mould.
1 set fish + car and 1 set rabbit + bear.
my email is

Annie Q said...

hi, i wan to purchase animal fork and mini containers.
my e mail add is

Shirley said...

hi do you have any of the cutesy sauce containers left? wud like some of those if you do. my email is

Bento Pet said...

i'm yy: Sent you a reply already.

Bento Pet said...

annie q: Sent you an e-mail with details.

Bento Pet said...

shirley: Already sent you a reply.

MsP said...

Wondering if there is any picks left.... wanna pruchase some..

details to


MsP said...

another thing wonder if you have any silicon cups too


If you still have anything left, can you please email me the list and prices - as this is my first ever purchase of anything bento!


Sorry, my email is

Para i familiaku said...

I would like to see the stuff you have for sale, but I cannot see it, can you please comment me on my blog so that I can order your items... I love obento!
Thank you so much! or email:

Audrey said...


I would like to buy those cute bento stuff. Can you email me the list of products and price please. I'm new to bento making, currently having nothing in hand. My email is


Bento Pet said...

para i familiaku, audrey: Will contact you!

dEarDaNieL said...


I would like to have the egg moulds (both pattern) and the oshibori of No. 5. please arrange on a place to meet in pj as I'm working in Mid Valley. I can be contacted at Thanks.

Hijackqueen said...

Pat, do you have any nori face puncher? Would love to get that.

e-mail: siewjangatyahoodotcom


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