Friday, October 3, 2008

BENTO #141 - Can't wait to come back!

Been spending some time with the kids but been missing bento-ing too!!!

We're busy preparing another 'Lui Cha' party for lunch tomorrow so it's 'cut, cut, cut and cut'. There is about 13 or 14 types of vegetables plus taufoo, pickled vegetables and nuts in total.

Luckily I managed to get extra help and the girls are busy with other plans. Instead to preparing the 'standard' lunch, I made them Bento's!

These are the three Bento's I made for them. It's quite obvious which one belongs to the youngest girl!

A closer look at #1's Bento. Macaroni and tuna melt topped with Parmesan cheese. A mixed salad with Thousand Island dressing, some orange slices, carrot and kyuri sticks and a California roll.

#2 got the same content in a different Bento box.

#3 had an extra "Special-order hand roll" (hers only has Sakura denbu and Kewpie mayo).

Easy peasy Bentos!


Ling's Passion said...

Love your bentos. Amazing that you never run out of ideas. BTW, I have an award for you. Pls check out my blog.

Bento Pet said...

ling's passion: Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

3lilangels said...

The bento for # 3 looks like something my girl will love. Great idea to have the macaroni & tuna melt in those cups. So easy to pack.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hi, passed u an award. pls check on my site.

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: #3 likes her food hot and so it's difficult to pack bento for her other than biscuits and simple sandwiches.

Bento Pet said...

terri: Thank you! Appreciate it!

eilis alana said...

ok - going to bare my ignorance -- what is this party you are preparing for????

thanks for your patience with the ignorant!

Bento Pet said...

eilis alana: The recent "party" was for my youngest daughter who was on holiday and invited some friends over.

The Bento Party here:
was a meeting of Bento enthusiasts.

Ask as you wish, no problem!


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