Monday, October 6, 2008

This is NOT Bento!

I had another "Lui Cha" party over the weekend. This time the "Lui Cha" stock was even more delicious because I had this brain wave to use "Ikan billis stock" instead of plain old hot water!

My guests were raving about the entire meal and even the critique among them complimented on the the marked improvement of the soup and asked for the recipe. As it is in it's original form using hot water, the soup was good but with the flavored stock, the soup was richer and sweeter!

I had this for my lunch today. No Bento either because #2 didn't go to school today.

In the bottom of the bowl is some garlic rice topped with a mixture of vegetables, peanuts and pickled vegetables. Visually pretty and a deliciously healthy meal mixed together! Yummy!!


Elaine said...

I love Lui Cha!!

Bento Pet said...

elaine: Welcome to Lui Cha club!!

JO-N said...

Me too but just do not know how to cook it.

eilis alana said...

Is is something an Irish American in NY can do???

well not with peanuts - don't like peanuts - cashews are a different issue!

Bento Pet said...

jo-n: There is a restaurant in Sunway Damansara which serves pretty tasty Lui Cha!

Bento Pet said...

eilis alana: I think if there is a will there will be a way. I Googled a recipe similar to the method I use. Check this link:
If you ever try it, please let me know the results. Good luck!

D@rryLreAta said...

hi, it's my first time here and i just LOVE the way u make bento's for ur children! (my mum nvr give me bento's except for fried rice once and bread and more bread) Awwww, such a great mum u are!

Btw, what kind of pickled vege u use for ur lui cha? i'm pretty interested with pickle vege nowadays:)


This Lui Cha sounds interesting. Is it all raw ingredients or pre-cooked? Mind to share full recipe?

Bento Pet said...

d@rrylreata: The pickle vege is "Choy Poh" (read in Cantonese)

Bento Pet said...

familyfirst: Check this link:
It's quite similar to what I am doing.


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