Thursday, January 22, 2009

BENTO #161

Ha! This is my 3rd post today!! I haven't been able to update so much in such a long, long time!

There will likely be no Bento posts for the whole of next week because of the Chinese New Year holidays. #1 has to go back to college on Wednesday but the two younger girls have up to the end of next week to enjoy their celebrations!

This morning's Bento made up 2 pieces of puff pastry topped with some mushrooms (the two elder girls made these yesterday).

There was some potato salad in the green silicon cup.

The bottom Bento box contained some apple doused in thousand island, salad cream and tomato sauce! More spaghetti and Bolognese sauce to complete the meal.


Jess said...

hi, did you prepare these bentos early in the morning for your children? what time ? my daugther started std 1 but i don't have time to prepare for her :( moreover even if i prepare early in the morning the food would be cold and soggy. how do you manage?

Bento Pet said...

Jess: The contents of this bento was prepared the night before. In the morning, I packed them all into the bento box. The little extra that I did was warm up the puff pastry and then quickly cooled them under a fast running fan.

Check this link from my blog for an idea what to do when packing bento:

When you begin, it all seems an impossible task but as you get into the rhythm it gets easier and more exciting!

I used to take about half an hour in the mornings to pack for my girls, now, I take about 15-20 minutes so I get to sleep in a little more!

The food will definitely get cold but because of the variety and mix of flavours, it is still an enticing and delicious meal!

The food can only get soggy if you pack a wrong combination of foods. As you begin packing, you will know how to and what to.

It's best if you can get some foods ready the night before or prepare a frozen stash of food which can be warmed up in the morning and to be packed in the morning.

I'm not one to pack Bento the night before and take it out of the fridge and send to school with my kids but I've seen some bento packers do that. I guess it's up to the individual and also the food that's to go.

It's difficult in the beginning but persevere and you won't regret it.

Many beginners go crazy about the 'cutesy' stuff that is 'packaged' with bento-ing.

My two cents of advice is for you to go SLOW! Focus on the quality of the food than the 'cutesy' of the food that you wish to pack.

Flame said...

I love potato salad but I dunno how to make it. Can give me your recipe?

Bento Pet said...

Flame: It's very simple - Celery (optional), yellow onion, gerkin (pickled cucumber), mayo, pepper, salt, english mustard and a sprinkle of herbs!


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