Thursday, January 22, 2009

I have the same question?

I was browsing Bento Lunch just now and came across this question. This situation is something that I used to face until I decided to stop packing biscuits, crackers, cereals and similar stuff into #2's Bento boxes. She would complain that the biscuits would be soft by the time she eats her Bento and lately complained about leakages from her Bento until I found a solution here.

(Suddenly, all the other plastic Bento boxes has become redundant! I think I shall have to do some spring cleaning during the CNY holidays!)

I think spillages in Bento boxes is quite prevalent if not handled properly. Firstly, if a dish comes with some form of sauce or gravy, it has to be 'capped in' by way of cling wrap/foil or a cup with a cover.

If you have noticed in recent posts here and here, I've used tall foil cups to contain the sauces so that it only reaches half way. By the time the Bento box lid is shut, there is little chance of spilling unless the box turns upside down.

To deal with the biscuits getting soft in the Bento boxes, I always have to look out for individually packed biscuits like these here, here, and here. Or pack separately like this or this. To pack biscuits into Bento boxes like this spells trouble.

To deal with the cereals, I also had to pack separately like this or this.

All these precautions has to be taken into account to ensure that the biscuits/cereal are still in a decent edible state otherwise one has to shun away from packing these food stuff into the Bento boxes.


Peony said...

I would used good, old Tupperwares for cookies n to prevent spills.

lock-n-lock containers are also gd.

Yvo said...

You know, I wonder as well. Biggie has mentioned on her site a few times showing crackers or the like in a box with oranges or something, and I asked her about it, but she said it hasn't been an issue (unless Bug just didn't say anything?). But DEFINITELY when I pack fruit in with, say, melba toast, it goes soggy. If I pack melba toast in with hummus (separated of course), there's no issue though. I've just stopped packing them together, which kind of sucks, but ah well I guess. It's just for me anyway :) although there should be a good alternative!!!

Bento Pet said...

Peony: Good suggestions, only problem is my daughter doesn't fancy taking several containers for her break. Most of the time it's one Bento box and a water bottle.

I like lock-n-lock too, just haven't found an ideal one yet!

Bento Pet said...

Yvo: It's the same here, my daughter insists that I DON'T pack biscuits or the likes with fruits or vegetables! Or else she just refuses to eat them because they would have gone soft.

I see this combination often in many Bento sites and wonder too. I thought that here in Malaysia where our weather is humid, our biscuits get soft very fast when exposed, which I thought was the main reason. Looks like you face the same problem regardless of the humidity!

I wonder if there is another solution other than packing separately?


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