Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bento 164

This morning, I packed 3 Bentos. The usual for #2, one for me and one more for #1, and of course a box of cookies for #3.

#2 finishes school at 2.30 p.m. today and so I need to pack a little extra food for her. Today's top box is a karaage chicken sandwich in between lots of Rollo Rosa. One cherry to fill a gap and a skewer of karaage chicken.

The bottom box was filled with a scone and a tub of strawberry jam. #2 made this lasagna two days ago, took out of the fridge to defrost and packed the balance for this box. (delicious!). One more cherry to fill the gap. Wish there was more space for one more!

Filled this cookie dunker with cold milk and chocolate chip cookies. The top half of the bottle was in the freezer all night to freeze the gel around it. It's supposed to keep the milk cold for a couple of hours.

The chocolate chip cookies filled the bottom half of the container.

On a separate note, I made a tremendous effort to begin exercise this morning. *SIGH*
I managed to walk 2 1/2 km, instead of going back to sleep!

Had a pleasant toast bread and coffee breakfast with hubs and then continued to make foccacia bread and the dough for gyoza. I already made the meat filling last night.

Now, waiting for noon to eat my own Bento!

Doesn't look like it's going to be enough for my lunch so I'll probably have a scone as well. Only advantage is, I can warm it up and have it with butter and jam!!

Must remember to control on the food intake here, after all I walked 2 1/2 km and must not waste the effort.

This Bento belongs to #1, she just finished it and is off to college. No cherries for this one because she's no fan of cherries!


javapot said...

well done on getting up, I've been snoozing much to my disgust! Nice container for the cookies and milk. Scones with jam and butter sounds wonderful.

Emily said...

Cool gadget that cookie dunker! Whereabouts did you procure it? Got purple color?

Hearts the scones too....

Keep up the good start for the exercising! Gonna be back to bento-ing on 10th Feb... when new job commences.

cindy khor said...

Admire your determination. Normally, I can't get myself round to exercise or controlling my food intake... Maybe should try to find some motivation booster to kick me into action


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