Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bento 166

I had a very late night last night because we had guests at home. Went to bed about 2a.m. Didn't manage to do my 'homework' so preparing this morning's Bento was a little chaotic!

I was tired and couldn't focus, by the time I finished, I found out that #2 was staying back up to 3.30p.m. again and that means there's not enough food to last her till then. I added a packed "Tau Sar Peah" from Malacca for 'emergency'. This "Tau Sar Peah" is even tastier than the ones made famous in Penang.

Today's miserable Bento box had two slices of cooked salami sandwiches and a piece of really sweet dessert from "Royal Dates". A quick fix of chopped vegetables is a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar again. *sad face*

Mid morning found me packing more Bentos for #1 and myself.

We had a mini feast because I took my own leisure time to pack these.

I used some of my small jubako boxes to pack the food. This one belongs to #1. It's got an awesome cheese cake from TGI Fridays, some mandarin oranges, a quick fix salad and a cooked salami sandwich loaded with veggies and wasabi mayonnaise.

This is my brunch Bento. Moffles with red beans sandwiched in between, two Inari sushi and some of the delicious sandwiches with wasabi mayonnaise.

Today, my eyes were too big for my stomach and I packed another box full of fruits, salad and the killer cheese cake! I was feeling hungry when I was packing these Bentos and I just kept adding more and more food! Bad idea! There was much, much more than I could consume. Even delicious food begin to loose it's tastiness when there is too much.

My exercise regime was set back a little by the early morning drizzle. I was tired but looking forward to walk. Oh well, it'll give my blistered toe a little time to heal.


javapot said...

Hi, can I ask how u 'cook' the inari - steam, boil or MW? I love these but not sure how to prepare them, tks

Bento Pet said...

javapot: Check out the recipe here:

If you don't use it all up, you can freeze it like what I did. Bring out the night before and leave in the fridge to use the next morning.

The store bought ones are too sweet for my liking.

I'm not a MW fan, so I normally do my cooking the conventional way.

Jess said...

Hi bento pet, may i know how you keep the sandwiches with lettuces and ham fresh in the box? whenever i put lettuces or any greens in the sandwiches, the sandwiches will turn soggy.... :(

Bento Pet said...

Jess: I use a 'salad spinner' to dry my veggies before I use them in the sandwich. My sandwiches have never turned soggy or else my fussy #2 would have complained.

If you don't have a salad spinner then use some kitchen paper to wipe dry the veggies, but that takes more time if you do it in the morning, so u can do it in the night.

If there is dressing like mayo and mustard, put that between the veggies and ham and not touch the bread.

Jess said...

thank you so much for the advise. what about tomatoes and cucumbers? my daughter loves tomatoes and cucumbers in her sandwiches....

Bento Pet said...

Jess: I think the cucumbers are the best veggies to put in sandwiches because they don't get wet so you stack it this way: bread + cucumbers + tomatoes + mayo + ham + bread or some other combi.

Sometimes you can spread butter on the slices of bread for extra flavor and helps ward of the liquids (which should not be there unless there is dressing like mayo or ranch)


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