Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bento 176 & 177

Had a late night last night but surprisingly, I woke up sprightly this morning! I imagined that I would miss my morning walk and whine of being tired but it was completely opposite. Hahaha! Assumptions all went wrong, which is good for me though, I like my morning.

I made 3 bentos and breakfast for 2 this morning. As usual, #3's bento is just a butter and Marmite sandwich with some apples - not yet bento worthy to post up.

This bento for #2 consist of some skewered kyuri and cherry tomatoes. Next to them is a chicken katsu sandwich.

I baked Ciabatta yesterday, it needed more time to proof, in fact 3 times before going into the oven but it was worth it because it turned out delicious! I thought that I would have to freeze 1 loaf (the recipe yielded 2 large loaves) but it's all gone this morning.

In the smaller top box, are some bunny apples, some vinegared root vegetables, kyuri and salad fillers. After taking the photo, I packed the bento box to go but only managed to squeeze two skewers into the box. I ate the 3rd.

Often I see an amazing amount of food in 3D being posted on bento blogs and wonder how it all can squeeze into the little space of a bento box? The bento boxes that I pack are often all to go. Even if it's going to be eaten in the house, it's still packed and belted because I pack them all at once in the morning.

This bento box below is for #1. There are some skewered kyuri. 1 skewer of apple in the bottom, the other one couldn't fit so I ate that too. There is a hard boiled 'star' egg which didn't quite turn out to look like a star and some mini figs.

#1's also got a Ciabatta bread, chicken katsu sandwich. I sneaked in some sliced cherry tomatoes. I wonder if she'll eat them.

I packed #1's food into this pretty sandwich box.

After my 2 1/2 km walk, hubs and I had Ciabatta and sardines for breakfast. Had some chopped shallots and chili padi for an added zing! Coffee was perfect.


Emily said...

weiii! alot of food goes into your mouth too if the boxes cannot accommodate!

BTW how long does it takes you to finish one 2-1/2km round? I had slacked off my morning walks lately. Now really have to restart!

Hoping to be at 1U on sunday late morning, will you be available to meetup?

Emily said...

BTW I heart that sweet sweet sandwich box. Have yet to use mine and thank you very much for using paper instead of plastic wrap for the bread but if you had use a white cotton napkin - WLD hv been better! heeeee

Anonymous said...

can the hard boiled eggs be done at night and keep till noon the next day?
just curious, the bentos you prepare for your kids, when/what time do they eat them?

3lilangels said...

Yummy looking bentos. The ciabatta sounded great, no wonder no leftovers.

spunkz said...

hi, i was plannin to visit the 100 yen at tmn desa this saturday. i wanted to get the rabbit and bear egg molds and was wondering if it's stii available there when u visit it?

Bento Pet said...

Emily: That's how I eat my breakfast, all the bits and pieces all over and finally settling for the main course! LOL!

Never time my walks, next week I'll time and see.

I just bought a hankie from Daiso for the sandwich box.

Bento Pet said...

Anon: It doesn't take long to hard boil an egg and I usually do it in the morning so I don't know if it makes a difference although I don't think so.

The time range is from 9.30a.m. to 10.30a.m.

Maybe you might want to leave a psydoneum next time then I can tell one anon person commenting from another?

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: The Ciabatta was surprisingly very good! Can't wait to bake another next week.

Bento Pet said...

spunkz: I saw quite a lot still available when I was there. I'm going to Kuchai Lama on Saturday! Yahoo!

spunkz said...

thanks, Bento Pet! I managed to grab the last packet there this morning. what luck!


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