Thursday, February 19, 2009

100 Yen & Daiso haul

I'm guilty of lurking and coveting bento accessories. It's a terrible feeling. Emily, our local "Bento Ranger" (one who reports and updates latest bento stock at our local dollar store) has been regularly posting pictures of new bento accessories at the 100 Yen store.

Last Sunday, I sweet talked hubs to take me to the 100 Yen store at Kuchai Lama. It's a good 40 minutes drive from where we live. Guess what? It was CLOSED! I almost burst into tears. I was totally upset. I spoke to Emily today and she told me that they had a power failure and so they closed early (see, she even knew why they closed).

I cajoled hubs to detour to the 100 Yen in Taman Desa, it took another 20 minutes or so through the highways. It's impossible for me to get there by myself. I was delighted to be able to pick up some stuff from there.

I was at the 100 Yen store at SS2 today and there was NOTHING to buy because the shop is 25% empty, waiting for new stock to arrive in March. Disappointed, I went to Daiso to see if I could get anything new.

Below you can see Sunday and todays haul from 100 Yen and Daiso.

Onigiri plastic wrappers from Daiso.

Food covers from Daiso and mayo disposables from 100 Yen.

I opened the food cover, it looks like shower caps. It's a convenient kitchen helper.

I love this triangle silicon cups which I managed to pick up from Daiso. There are only 4 more packs. Things in Daiso finish very, very fast.

I blogged about the bento straps here and they are all GONE!

I like these forks in their cases from Daiso, convenient and doesn't take much space.

I picked up some silicon cups, furikake containers, mayo containers, etc from 100 Yen @ Taman Desa. The timer and anti-bacterial sheets were from Daiso.

They also have this (or similar), which I didn't buy. I know lots of people covet this too. They have about 10-15 on their shelves. I was shocked to see how LARGE they were. I'm quite sure my daughter would refuse to bring it with her to school. One could put at least 2 - 3 bananas in there!

I'm exhausted from chasing for bento accessories. It's a tiring addiction.


cindy khor said...

i never know that there is a food cover in a form of plastic cap...its so so convenient...i wish they sell it here in uk...i don't wanna use cling wrap for to cover my food... so wasteful

Emily said...

Ahem, You did not say where there is holding stock of 10pcs or more of the yellow thingy!!! Daiso probably cos I definitely did not see any at the 100yen! I have been looking for one!! for DH! hahahaha!

Emily said...

p.s. NICE HAUL! Pity about 100Yen Kuchai Lama, do try and visit again.. soon!

Bento Pet said...

cindy khor: Environmentally friendly!!!

Emily: Yeah! It's in Daiso. I just got one today! Going to Kuchai Lama on Sat for lunch! Wanna come?


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