Friday, February 20, 2009

Bento 178 & some life lesssons

I had another late night last night and woke up with a splitting headache. I quickly put together this unplanned bento.

There was bread and butter pudding which #2 baked last night, some left over spaghetti and a box of mixed vegetables consisting of chopped salad, cauliflower and chopped tomatoes topped with sliced shrimps. Drizzled some salad cream on top.

On the request of my daughter, I have removed the rest of this post. I respect her request to give her some privacy to rant in her own blog.


cindy khor said...

quite a drama there... that boy is just so unethical and selfish...after not doing anything, he actually pull your daughter down together with him... aiyo... you are really quite good in handling situations like that... if i were you, i would have go to school and make a complain and ask the teacher "why do you wanna listen to some kids bullshit??"... ok...i think i gotta control my anger

Bento Pet said...

cindy khor: I always believe if "life's lessons" and this is one of them. This better prepares my children for the 'real world' and moulds their character.


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