Friday, February 27, 2009

Bento 183

I had a meeting last night which ended with supper in a friend's house till after midnight. There was no time to do any 'homework'. Before I went to bed, I made a quick mental check on what I
had in the fridge.

I had boiled "loh han kao" and added some eggs in, so I could use that. I also had some left over simmered mushrooms and kombu from making sushi two days ago. #2 had raved about the yam and "nien kao", so that was going into the box too. All I had to do was to steam the rice and cut the carrots, kyuri and fry the "nien kao". It was all done in 15 minutes.

#1 is out for lunch with friends today because exams are over.

I made this bento for myself. Last night for dinner, I steamed some egg, tofu and salted eggs.
I put some in the foil containers and steamed them separately for this morning. Topped the steamed egg concoction with garlic oil, pepper and shoyu.

I asked #2 to help me put the eyes on my rice ball and saw that she put butterflies for 'eyes'.

There was sliced carrot flowers, delicious Natto, fried yam and 'nien kao' and cherry tomatoes to fill some gaps.

# 2 loved the eggs but quipped "Mum, after you hard boil the eggs, drop them in cold water, then the black ring will not appear".


Emile Zola@life said...

I still got the "Nie Ko" from my mum, need to buy some yam and sweet potato to fry it.

Emily said...

Hi Bento Pet!
Thanks for the goodie bag and the scrumptious lunch! Paisei you belanja me makan!

We shall work on a bigger lunch crowd the next time? at Rosie's! How about week day next week?

Bento Pet said...

EmileZola@life: I think Nien Kao lasts forever!

Bento Pet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bento Pet said...

Emily: What are friends for? I enjoyed the company. Thank You!!

YES! We'll have a bigger crowd next time. Will contact you.


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