Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Girls day out" @ Daiso!

I met Emily at Daiso this morning. We were there for about 45 minutes browsing through all their bento stuff with a fine tooth comb! We were like 'inspectors' looking for new stuff. I bought some soup ladles which I needed and a some non-bento related stuff.

I was telling Emily that the bento accessories get snapped up very fast. I was there in the morning last Monday to get some stuff and in the evening, my daughter wanted to get something and convinced me to go there for a second time. When I went to Daiso that same evening, some of the new stuff like the corner silicon cups, the new onigiri moulds and shaped moulds were ALL GONE!

Look at what I found today! Craft punchers which you can use for cutting nori to decorate your bento. They are hanging near the middle aisle of the stationery section.

I also got this pretty bag to contain all my stuff bought from Daiso.

Look what Emily got me! *Sequels with happiness* Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Emily reminds me that new stock is expected to arrive at the 100 Yen store in Taman Desa early March. Look out for updates in Emily's blog.

Note: I do not have any commercial affiliations with Daiso or 100 Yen stores.


Emily said...

New stock just came in! today! into Taman Desa outlet! Going tomorrow?!!

kel said...

Oh, I missed the time meeting both of u. However, I was at Tesco at 9.30 this morning, managed to hop over to Daiso (but still early, about 10.30), was a bit sad cos couldn't see the sight of u girls.

Jas Min said...

How come you're all so clever in finding all these bento stuff?!?! I have yet to find a bento box as nice as the ones you show in your blog (eg: the 2 tier one with a stainless steel low tier =( ) and I'm dying to find those nori punchers for the eyes and mouth for kyabaren!

Bento Pet said...

Emily: Aggggghhhhh!! How am I going to get there in time????

Bento Pet said...

kel: We arranged to meet at 11.30a.m., you were too early. NVM, we'll meet again. SOON!!

Bento Pet said...

Jas Min: Sorry, that's out of stock for now. Haven't seen the eye punchers yet. I think you need to buy them from online stores for that.

kel said...

Yeah! I was aware of the time, but just wanna tried to see u girl would be there early or not :)

Bento Pet said...

kel: There's new stock at Kuchai. If we go, you want to come along? We can call you.


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