Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bento 185

Hubs bought a bag of 'lala clams' for miso soup on his last trip to the fish monger. I kept it in the freezer until last night when I decided to use it to make Spaghetti with Clams.

De-shelling them was a little 'nightmare'. I had to first boil them in water with ginger and spring onions to rid the 'fishy' smell. Then, I had to remove the clams from the shell. After all that, I had to wash out the sediments and broken bits of the shell. Finally I put the clams back into salted boiling water for a final round of cooking.

The preparation process for this recipe is quite simple actually. I just tossed some chopped garlic in olive oil and salt, added the clams and turn off the fire. Added some chopped Italian parsley, cooked spaghetti, pepper and salt, gave it a good mix and viola, it's done!

I prepared this last night so there was no hassle this morning. I only had to skin the Kiwi and chop up the vegetables. I am now using Yogurt to replace half the usual amount of dressing which I normally use.

This morning, I used half sesame seed dressing and half Yogurt. The dressing was mildly flavored with sesame seed and had a tangy taste to it. It was a good mix of flavors.


cindy khor said...

so there really is a recipe of miso soup with clams... i only heard about it and thought that its a rumour... maybe i should try out the clams with pasta too

angeleyes said...

Have not been hopping by lately... :P

I have been wanting to make these lala spaghetti too but not sure what are the ingredients. Also, I was wondering if I can actually freeze the lala until I want use them... will they taste weird if being kept for a while?

Bento Pet said...

cindy: Oh yes! Clams in miso soup makes it tastier. Try it, its so easy once you've de-shelled the clams.

Bento Pet said...

angeleyes: I always freeze lala and use when ever I need to. Obviously it will taste sweeter if freshly used but frozen is good enough for me. I guess it depends of your own personal habits.

allthingspurple said...

Vongole Pasta !! Can call this vongole, right, even if vongole is small Italian clams and this is off our own shores? *grin*

Long time no see, Pat, been busy haven't been bloghopping much. Will try out this recipe of yours. Thanks for sharing. But can you advise where do we buy clams in PJ? I don't think I have seen any around.

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: I think most wet market sell these "lala clams" and occasionally I've seen them in Jusco. This bag was bought from Pulau Indah where my husband buys our supply of fish and seafood.

pablopabla said...

Don't overcook the lala. It'll turn rubbery and you'll also lose the natural sweetness of the flesh.

Bento Pet said...

pablopabla: point noted.


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