Monday, March 2, 2009

"Girls day out" @ 100 Yen, Tmn Desa

Emily, our "Bento Ranger" dropped a comment on my blog to inform me that some new stock arrived at the 100 Yen store in Taman Desa.

I was trilled and disappointed at the same time. Trilled because I wanted to see the new items which she and Sharon had ordered from the last time they were there. Disappointed because I didn't know the way to get there.

I exchanged SMS-es with Emily and finally called Sharon and we decided to meet in the afternoon.

I've seen these water bottles on the Ichiban Kan site and been on my 'wanted list' for a long time. Finally, my 'natural' lunch box set is COMPLETE!

These rice moulds were new. I already bought the heart shape one on my last trip. This time they had the bird, elephant and fish rice moulds.

The Thomas train cutlery is for my God son. The baran (which I hardly use anymore) is simply for collection until I find a suitable time to use them.

Emily tells me that there will be more stock coming in another two days time. It's advisable to come over the weekend so that more things be available. I just hope the bento accessories are not cleaned out of their shelves before that, but really, there isn't very much new stuff and to make a trip all the way for a couple of things would be a waste of time unless you live around the area.

It was different for us, we had a whale of a time chatting over our 'mango snow ice' and trying out some red bean 'dodol' type of dessert. We even had Nougat (the hard ones from Australia) compliments of the staff there! I felt like a "VIP", thanks to Emily and Sharon! LOL!!! We even made friends with a complete stranger who seem to have visited each of our blogs. What a day out for me!

It's so amazing that bento-ing can actually be such a common subject that you can just make friends by looking at what a stranger is buying. "Aw" our new friend had some bento accessory in her hands and Emily asked if she was a blogger. The rest was history.


Emily said...

woohoo! updated with pictures at my blog for our JalanJalan100Yen today!

Kindly let me know if we are meeting up again at Kuchai? Psst2 got buyer calling up at Kuchai enquiring about new arrivals! And two days later new arrivals at Tmn Desa!

kel said...

Lets set a day to meet up, I'm ok to meet up after 1pm of any days, wat about on Sat?

Emily said...

Girls, I will be away in Melaka from friday till sunday. You gurls have FUN!

Bento Pet said...

Emily, Kel: Maybe on a weekday after 1 or 2 next week. Heavy weekend ahead. Emily: Have a safe trip!

Emily said...

Oh Bento Pet!

Melaka will be another makan2 trip (my poor waistline!).

After yr last sms, I text Desa and they replied that they will update me once new stock is in place...

Today, after dropping mother back home, went to 100Yen Kuchai to snap some pictures and dropped by Desa but no new stock at all. But there was a group (3 or 4) of young mummies who were trying out the colorful animal rice moulds!(those which you bought on the recent visit). They were pretty much at home at the shop!

BTW if you are still looking for the wire hangar, I bought the last piece from Kuchai and it has your name on it! See ya all when I see yal all then!

Aw said...

I made a 30min trip to Daiso last Saturday during my weekend trip to KL....after paying only I knew I bought 33 items. Yes, I am a blogger, but every morning just a simple meal box to my girls ...#1 complained school bag too full, don't want fancy box, #2 is forced to bring food to school (yes, having weight lost issue with her, as I am worrying for her health atm. I do use the assessories for my youngest 10yo,....but did not take photo lately...seemed 100yen has more bento stuff?

Bento Pet said...

Emily: You are a life saver!!

Bento Pet said...

Aw: Welcome to bento frenzy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi On a Bento frenzy, could you please advise me the add for 100 yen shop in Taman Desa?

Tks from Judy (KL)


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