Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bento gear updates

I went to the 100 Yen store in SS2 yesterday to see if there were any new stock. Sad to say the stock level is deplorable. The only thing worth my trip was the purchase of these three lovely single layer 'natural series' boxes.

I got all the three colors. They are 480ml and is as large capacity as the 2 tier bento boxes. Best of all, they are made in Japan.

Remember I blogged about the punchers at Daiso here? Two days later, when I went back, they were all gone.

They have a whole new container of stuff in over this week end and have replenished stock for the punchers. They are still in the same spot - the middle aisle near the stationery section. This time they have about eight to ten varieties. Happy hunting!

This Onigiri box came in Daiso's new container. The bento strap is sold separately. I love the way the colors match. It's 145 x 100 x 90H and comes with a separator.

This is how it looks open. This design come is three colors, beige, brown and maroon.

These tiny spatulas are just amazing. It gets into the bottom of hard to reach spaces in jam bottles, peanut butter containers, Marmite bottles and Campbell soup cans!

Emily, one has your name on it!

Notice the lovely handkerchief?

Somebody!! Please tell me to stop this bento frenzy!!!!

Note: I have no commercial affiliations with Daiso or 100 Yen stores.


eilismaura said...

I love the small kitchen gear - I have an assortment of spreaders and looking for more things -- they are really helpful sometimes when my hands are not right due to the Multiple Sclerosis

SIG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SIG said...

I bought that onigiri bento box in beige on Friday! Couldn't decide whether to get red or beige at first. We have the corner silicon moulds here and I just got a set too. Maybe we could do an exchange hehe. :P I only wish and hope that 100yen will come to Singapore, but will be broke then. Haha!

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

hahaha ... very addictive right! I myself can't seem stop buying all the bento accessories !

Rescission .. must stop buying hahahaha :)

Bento Concept said...

I won't say stop, please just go on !!!! Your bento frenzy gives us a lovely interesting blog.

Bento Pet said...

ellismaura: Just glad that I bought one back to try and ended up buying another three. Really useful stuff.

Bento Pet said...

SIG: Isn't it just addictive, this bento frenzy? Please e-mail me if you want to do a swap.

Bento Pet said...

I am Princess Misha's Mum: Aiyah! Sooooooo addictive!!! Want to 'pengsan' already!

Recession *slaps head* right, better slow down the buying!!

Bento Pet said...

Bento Concept: I'm really frenzied about chasing the bento accessories. It's like an addiction! Aggghhhh.....HELP!!

*rolls on the ground and laughs out loud*

SIG said...

Oh gosh, tell me all about it! It's and ADDICTION! Gosh!


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